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The article applies to the previous AdWords experience. Track campaign statistics or view specific data for ad groups, ads, or keywords. Hello, I need to retrieve data from Bing ads and then Google Adwords and then display the data for these two data sources combined. The StartDate, string, start date for retrieving AdWords data. I'm Aneesha and have worked on Google Analytics and AdWords integration issues.

10 most important Google AdWords metrics according to our data

Whilst the intention itself is difficult to quantify, the online advertising environment has given publishers and advertiser the opportunity to use users' data to get nearer than ever to aligning their advertising with the individuals they most need and/or want. Maybe no plattform can do this better than Google AdWords. Whereas other plattforms, especially Facebook Ads, can compete with Google in terms of the amount of data to be monetized, Google still keeps the sacred grain - the retrieval request.

Nothing is a stronger indication of what a person is looking for. AdWords is probably the most efficient advertising plattform when it comes to aligning your promotions with the users' intentions. So if you want to follow the following AdWords key figures (and others that are important to you) in a similar way to the ones shown below, you can download this free sample here and visualise your data in a few moments.

If your ad appears on a results page via Google or the Google Network, it's an imprint. Basically, it's the number of "seen" ads, although it's a phrase that should be used loose, because just because your ad appears on a results page doesn't mean the users actually saw it.

That'?s how much cash you?ve been spending on your advertising campaigns so far. Suggested Datablock: "Klicks " are always captured when someone is clicking on the link in the ad text. It is important to keep in mind that if someone is clicking on your ad and cannot access your site (404 errors, WLAN problems, etc.), your commitment will still be tracked as a click.

It is the mean of the amount you were billed for clicking on your advertising campaigns. Calculate your mean click per click (CPC) by multiplying the costs of your previous hits (or the amount you have already spend on the campaign) by the overall number of hits. Suggested Datablock: Convertions are count when a visitor hits your ad and then executes an activity that you have specified as important, i.e. a particular web page visited, a registration, etc.

Suggested Datablock: These are the totals of images that will be divided by each AdWords ad serving you. Suggested Datablock: Suggested Datablock: Chart. These are the click-through rates, divided by ad campaign, for all your AdWords ad campaign. Tracking the CATR by season in a tabular dataset (can you say we really like the tabular dataset?) on a monthly time frame so we can see which season's best results are achieved via real-time data, and proactively move resources to help those season's best results.

A further option for tracking the effect of campaigns on the overall performance of the agency is the overview of campaigns tab. It is the mean value you have been billed for a transformation from your advertising campaigns. You calculate it by dividing on the basis of the overall costs of the converted data by the overall number of converted data. *Keep in mind that conversations are actions you define in your AdWords campaigns that mark important commercial activity such as sales, registrations, etc.

Suggested Datablock: Datablock number. The calculation is made by multiplying the sum of the number of hits your ad gets by the sum of the numbers of views. Suggested Datablock: Do you want to keep up with all your Google AdWords activity in one place? Do you need an easy way to keep up with your AdWords achievements? Download this free sample and get started viewing your AdWords capabilities in just a few moments.

Even drag data from Facebook ads (or other ad platforms) into your Dashboard so you can keep tabs on all your payed acquisitions in one place.

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