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Find out how our customers have increased their Google AdWords revenue and get your AdWords certification! Skip to HubSpot - How to use Google AdWords: Get access to all Google Ads courses - free for one month. With this course for Google Ads, you'll be able to master this critical skill by running real campaigns. You can choose the best one that suits you from many free online courses from Google AdWords.

To certify Google AdWords in just two workdays

So you want to have Google AdWords certificated? What is the importance of certification? By 2015, the $153 billion turnover in the online ad sector came from Google, which accounted for $67 billion. This is a good opportunity to get yourself certificated! And there are many Google AdWords categories with pricing signs close to $500.

However, if you are following my guidelines, you should be able to get certification quickly without having to spend a cent. I didn't even know what an impact was before I began to study for the Google AdWords Exam. Naturally, getting yourself certificated in two workingdays will not be an an easy job. Certification involves three fundamental steps:

Successfully complete one of the five other Google AdWords tests with a point total of 80% or higher. The following tests are attached as a reference: In order to get ready for the AdWords Fundamentals test, start with the Google AdWords Fundamentals Student Guides, which you can find here. In the first session, "Understanding the Value of Online Advertising", you will gain a general insight into how AdWords works.

I strongly suggest for those visually impaired out there to watch all the video files included in the Student Guides. One of the great things about Google is that it makes them clear and informative. Do you have a basic knowledge of AdWords? This Princeton University survey shows that hand-written memos can help you preserve information better.

Creating screen shots of the trial guidelines can also be useful, such as the one I' ve included below. Once you've completed the AdWords Fundamentals review manual, try these great non-Google resource tools. Begin with AdHawks "Marketer's Guide to Google AdWords", which you can download here. Even though we have already discussed much of his footage in the Google Studies Leader, AdHawk is showing very well how you would use that footage to actually optimise an AdWords ad campaigns.

There are other resources you should download from AdHawk, including The Complete Guide to AdWords Ad Extensions and a full AdWords glossary. That' s it for the AdWords Fundamental test! Are you still committed to certifying Google AdWords? You' d better, because we have to get ready for a second test. The reason why I decided to take the Search Engine Advertising test was that not only did I find the subject interesting, but I had already taken a substantial part of the examination subject during my preparations for the Basic Test.

Do not hesitate to take any examination! However, my tour leader will describe in detail how to be prepared for the search engine advertising test. When you open the Search Advertising Research Guides, find a new page in your laptop and redo the same procedure we used for the AdWords Fundamentals Research Guides. Attempting to get all this information into your mind is a prescription for a catastrophe that comes at trial age.

Rather, try to conceptualize the material and how it relates to a concrete research campagne. Don't be afraid to jump over the information you have already included in your prep for the examination basics! There is a significant number of reviews in the research book Advertising Ads. Do you have the feeling that you have a good command of SEO?

Fantastic. Let's humiliate it with some practical work. Exercises will help you see how much of the stuff you actually know. Well, I found the practical tests useful to show you this: I needed to understand what AdWords did to help me better understand it. Instructions for formulating and formatting examination question.

Below are some exercises I found useful: iPassExam: Throughout the course, a free sample gives an outline of the examination and 40 exercise items. There are 50 test items in this exercise. Are you done with the practical tests? It is strongly recommended to use two screens or two computer during the examinations (if you have only one screen or computer, don't worry - you will do well anyway).

It allows you to quickly look for words or phrases you can't recall without spending too much on them. It is also recommended to download the PDF version of the Fundamentals Examination Leaders and your preferred Examination Leaders for your convenience. There is no way to interrupt the examination, so once you have decided to start, you should be prepared for 120mins.

If you also take the search engine advertising examination, I suggest that you take the basics examination soon after completing the examination. When you have carefully planned for the tests, go to the plates and beat them both out of the woods. Have you passed both examinations?

You' re now formally Google AdWords accredited - feeling good, isn't it? No matter whether your next goal is to launch your own AdWords campaigns, commercialize your AdWords experience for a mountain of money, or take the business by storm, you first have to lean back, unwind, and sun yourself in your performance - you earn it.

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