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Assistance center - Campaign management - Google. A powerful tool for managing multiple Google Ads(AdWords) accounts. Understand the basics of Google AdWords and how a PPC campaign can help you get more inspections instantly. Collect additional data about the source of your ad clicks from Google Adwords by adding ValueTrack parameters to the URL of the target page of your ad. We' ve made some changes to our Google AdWords views and wanted to share all the details.

Via Google Ads Help

Share with us your experiences with the help by filling out our short questionnaire. No matter whether you're a multi-national ad sales company or a florist, the Google Ads Help Center gives you the information you need to make your ad a success. Describes our effort to build an accessible and useful resources for our advertiser clients around the globe.

It is our aim to make the Google Ads Help Center comprehensible and useful to tens of thousands od advertising companies around the globe. Since our Help Center is not intended for computer scientists, these items should not be used to help you better grasp the engineering detail of any particular system part. Papers are designed to give marketers a conceptional, non-technical grasp of how Google Ads works.

For more information about Google Ads, view the items in each theme or type your query in the query field at the top of the page. The information you see in the Help Center can be personalized on the basis of the current login area.

As we personalize the contents, we are hoping you will find it easy to find the responses you need, troubleshoot your accounts, and get the most out of your promotions. Part of your Google Ad experiences, we can do research, tests or experimentation that can influence the look of your ad or the power of your campaigns.

While you are participating in these experiment, the help center description and explanation may not be applicable to you. To learn more about researching and evaluating Google Ads, see How Google enhances Google Ad space. Our work is focused on providing hands-on information to the typical advertisers who use our advertising tools.

Hopefully you will find this help center useful and thank you for using Google Ads. Please send us your help center comments. When you have a query about your Google Ads, find out how to get in touch with us.

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