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Apart from ethical reservations, I have to admit that this is a pretty ingenious use of Google Ads. This was a fantastic program that pervades all aspects of Google AdWords. Amazon AdWords - Google ads for Amazon products. In this chapter, you'll learn how to set up an Amazon AdWords campaign for your Amazon product. Think YouTube is a Google search partner.

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AdWords has been renamed Google Ads, and Google has consolidate its other ad serving solutions into the Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager. According to Google, the amendment is designed to make it easy for small businesses to promote through all PPC channel and for businesses to take full benefit from advances in predictive and intelligent technology.

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is designed to make it easy for major bricks to promote through affiliate sites, videos, searches and more to reaching prospective shoppers. Google is launching Smart Campaigns for small business, an easy way to attract people who are willing to make phone calls, go to the shop, make a buy or go on-line.

Google says "The purpose of the new Google ads is to facilitate advertising beyond the query field and make it simpler for companies to build ads that help with sales. This is how Google explains it: to help advertisers connects with the millions of millions of people who find searching responses, watch video on YouTube, explore new places on Google Maps, discover Google Play applications, surf the web and more.

The Google Marketing Platform is the integrated solution of DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360 Suite. Our portfolio includes software for small and medium-sized enterprises. Ad Manager is also an integrated solution for various advertising-related applications. Experience the new Google Ad Manager highlights: Click here to view the Google Change History.

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