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Advertising rates at Google

No bounce rate benchmarks for ads published by Google, but did you check out the benchmarking report in Google Analytics? Comparison of the effectiveness of paid search marketing compared to Google's search engine network and the display network. How high are the average costs for Google Ads on the mobile phone? Are there Facebook ads and Google ads, which ones should you use? However, it can be difficult to find inexpensive keywords on which to advertise.

Unveiled: Costliest Google AdWords in Australia

Anna Lebedeva from SEMrush gives an advertising glimpse into the most costly keywords in the sector in this commentary. Everyone knows that Google has many income streams, but the biggest, its biggest source of income, is advertising, which generated 90 per cent of sales in 2015. Googles last year grew by about 15 per cent, which corresponds to billion of dollar.

An eMarketer forecast predicts that expenditure on advertising will even exceed television by 2017. Once you've ever made a Google AdWords ad campaigns, you probably know it can be incredibly costly. Over the past few years, marketing specialists have seen a significant rise in cost-per-click for favorite catchwords, and this is likely to persist.

We all know that the cost per click varies drastically between industries and locations and varies between one and three numbers per user. Ever wonder what the most costly Google AdWords Australia are? Subdivided into seven sector headings, this glossary of words is presented for simplicity's sake with info graphics below.

As you can see in the infographics, 73% of the most costly catchwords refer to three industries: finances, insurances and right. This category represents companies with very high lifecycle value, which is why they are willing to spend more to attract new customers. Two of the most costly terms refer to finances and trading: "Best Mobil Training App" and "Foreign Exchanges Training Australia", which costs 276 and 256 dollars per click respectively.

This category represents companies with very high lifecycle value, which is why they are willing to spend more to attract new customers. When representing a company, such as a lawyer's office or an insurer in a particular part of a large town, you need to use a key word that natives would look for in order to occupy a high position in your area.

You think like a customer, and in order not to pay too much (as you see in our list), you need to limit your selection and use geographically longtaileywords. Over 42% of the most costly word keywords are more than three words, making them detail and direction.

Every extra words will tell you more about the user's intention, so the longer a catchword term is, the more focused customers you will get and the more relevantly results you can provide.

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