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We have optimized our advertising products to help you place stronger ads for your business. Ads Mastery is underway, but it's not too late to join us! If you think of Google Ads (AKA Google AdWords), where do you imagine the ads will be? I suspect you immediately think of the ads on

Recently, Google revised its advertising platform.

Ads at Google - Get more clients with easy online advertising.

Be in front of your clients looking for companies like yours on Google and Maps. Paid only for results such as website hits or phone hits to your company. In Google we look for what to do, where to go and what to buy. Google may display your advertisements the minute someone searches for a product or service like yours.

Irrespective of whether they are on the desk or on the cell phones, a well clocked display can turn individuals into valued clients. Boost your on-line purchases, reservations or subscriptions to on-line advertising lists that send advertisers to your website. Boost your call traffic with advertisements that include your telephone number and a click-to-call key. Bring more clients to the doors with trade advertisements that help locate your businesses on the card.

You can use Google Ad for almost any advertisingudget. Google AdSense allows you to target more of your key accounts within your own budgets. In addition, our intelligent technologies will help you refine your advertisements over a period of years to get more from the results that are important to your company.

Ads Google, which help small business to do more.

Almost 18 years ago, we first advertised on Google to help individuals get connected to business on-line. Humans now use their mobile phone to look for what they want, explore places on Google Maps, view video on YouTube while on the move. We have today launched Google AdWords, formerly known as Google AdWords, to help companies of all shapes and sizes interact with key clients across all our channel and affiliate pages.

Now with the advent of Google Ad, small businesses can take advantage of our new standard ad campaign experiences, our smartcampaigns. We' ve developed smartcampaigns by targeting the innovative and advertising technologies available with Google AdSense to small businesses. Now you can build advertisements in just a few moments and get true results such as ringing your telephone, posting lead messages to your website or getting clients into your shop.

When you use smartcampaigns, we ask you how it works for your objectives so that we can fine-tune your advertisements to deliver the results that matter most to you.

Pictures will help you differentiate yourself from your product or service, and this year we will be launching Image Pickers to make it easy for you to present what makes your company special. Your advertisements will be shown to clients who are interested in your company's offerings and are likely to call, shop, or make a buy on your website.

We' ve found that clever advertising campaigning is three time better than placing your ad in front of the right people. Whatever you're doing every single night, whether it's improving your barbecuing skill or running your own class, you can rely on Google Ads to help you do more. Let's take a look at how some of our small business use Google Ads.

Little companies run with dedication and work, and they continually inspiration us to make Google advertising easy and successful on-line. By the end of this year, we will be deploying smart campaigning in the US today and worldwide.

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