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It is recommended to use an MCC account, if available. These factors all relate to your current AdWords account. To give someone else access to your Google Ads account. Meanwhile many of you would have come across the latest feature of Google Adwords called "Account Health Score for Search". Setting up Google AdWords is painless and only takes a few minutes.

Generate a Google Ads account: Where to register

Register with Google Ads to reach new clients with ads designed to meet your unique businesses objectives and budgets. These 3-step instructions will take you through the process of building your Google Ad Account and starting your first ad campaigns.

If you don't have a website, you can still promote to Google with AdWords Express, Google's easy way to promote your site on the web. Build your first ad in just 15 mins! First of all, you provide us with some essential information about your company so that we can customize your account setup. Type the e-mail you want to use to sign in to your new Google Ads account.

In other words, if you already have a Google Account (in other words, if you're using another Google experience such as Gmail), use your Google e-mail adress. Type the website for the company you want to promote. Log in to your current Google Account or add a new one. So if you already have a Google Account (in other words, if you're using another Google experience like Gmail), type in your Google Mail e-mail location and your username and then click sign in.

And if you don't already have an account or want to sign-in with a different e-mail adress, simply click Join an account at the bottom of the page and obey the steps to set up and validate your new Google Account. Once you've signed in, you may be advised to use AdWords Express instead of Google Ads.

The AdWords Express is a fast and simple way to promote with Google. AdWords Express, unlike Google Ads, handles your ads for you so you can concentrate on your company's growth and your customers' satisfaction. In order to proceed with AdWords Express, just follow the simple instructions as you see them on the monitor.

To stay with Google Ads, simply click Turn to Google Ads and follow the steps below. Watch how Google Ads and AdWords Express compete. When you have problems setting up an account, learn more about frequent problems and workarounds. When you receive an e-mail message that you have an incorrect e-mail message, learn more about it.

When you have a difficulty locating the confirmation e-mail or verify your account, read these general validation problems and fixes. Or find out what to do if you typed the incorrect e-mail addresses when you signed up. When you receive an alert that the e-mail already existed, you'll see how to claim back your Google Account.

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