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Chrome can be added new features by installing extensions. The best Google Drive Add-ons for Google Docs you can download. Add-ons bring new features to your Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Google Forms. If you want to remove unwanted add-ons from Google Docs, select Manage add-ons from the menu. Click Manage -> Remove for the add-on you want to delete.

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The add-ons run in Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Forms and Gmail, but they are created by people like you. With our new technology, you can add menus and side bars, manipulate your data and integrate it into over a decade of Google applications without starting a web browser. Read this tutorial to learn everything you need to know to release your first add-on so thousands of people can explore it in our shop.

The add-ons that enhance Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, or Form are referred to as Notepad Add-ons because they work within one of the Google Drive editing apps. Hint: The following description shows add-ons that do not contain Gmail add-ons. Gmail add-on related information is currently described elsewhere. The add-ons are created using Apps Script, a server-side JavaScript technology that does not require set-up.

Check Apps Script If you are not familiar with Apps Script, begin with a brief summary of Apps Script. Once you are done, see the Apps script manual for more information. Make a Docs add-on. Make a form add-on. Add a slide add-on. Simply click on it to open the shop for sheets, documents, templates or transparencies.

Create your own add-on in an Apps Script independent workspace. Be sure to fully appreciate the subtleties of the add-on authorisation life cycle. You add-on should follow the UI Modelguide. If you have a working release, you should test the add-on to make sure it works as intended. As soon as your add-on is ready, post it in the shop.

Thereafter, G-Suite contributors can use your add-on from anywhere in the world - or, if you wish, only from within your own domains - when working in G-Suite programs. The add-on can present your trademark to your customers, but you should follow the add-on interface rules for trademarking. Below you will find some extra information on how to present your add-on.

To ensure an optimal usability, ensure that your surfaces comply with the add-on UI policies. If you use the HTML services to create your add-on surface, use our HTML packet to align your add-on design with the G-Suite editor. Many add-ons contain a logotype or other pictures. They are not packed with the add-on, but your screens refer to them like any other web page.

Every add-on gets a place in the Add-ons list for its own add-on editors. This add-on contains an auto-help entry in the add-on menue that allows the user to provide user input to the developers. Adjust the contents of your add-on meal and even build dynamically changing meals depending on your add-on status. The Apps Script contains specific features that allow you to program and interoperate with G-Suite information.

G Suite lets you easily author, view, and modify Gmail and calendar applications, find drives, and more. In order to make most add-ons, you must be comfortable with at least one of these service. As soon as your add-on is a working prototyp, post it in the shop. Please be aware that add-ons are subject to a verification procedure to make sure they comply with our policies on contents and styles.

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