Good Advertisements


When these clever ads for Heinz seem somehow familiar, it's for a good reason. His slogans include: "Good morning. Actual advertising awakens people's interest in your company or service and explains it vividly. Unlike what many people think, it's not difficult to create a good ad. Bad advertising won't do your company any good.

There are 7 characteristics of a good advertising text

Excellent attributes or attributes of a good advertising text are: It should be easy (2) It should be able to hold the reader's attentiveness (3) It should be evocative (4) It should have a persuasive value (5) It should raise awareness (6) It should have a memorable value and (7) It should be truth!

Promotional text relates to the content of the advert in writing, text and heading included. This can be described as the core of your publicity and should be created with the greatest possible diligence, otherwise all the funds spent on the implementation of the publicity are wasted. With the words of William J. Stanton, "The text in an ad is deemed to be the text or oral matter in it, title, vouchers and name and adress of the advertisers as well as the principal part of the message".

Simple advertising text is the overall format of the messages that the advertisers want to communicate using any advertising media. Advertising copy should be edited in such a way that it leaves a lasting imprint on the readers. Readers should not only be able to view the content of the advertising text, but also be able to believe and comprehend it.

They should function correctly and should encompass every detail related to the work. Different reflections or basics of a correctly designed advertising text are described below. They are also referred to as distinctive attributes or attributes of a good advertising text. One of the most important parts of an advertising text is that it should be composed in plain English.

He should be able to understand correctly. 2 ) It should be able to receive the readers attention: A copy should attract the readers interest. Following method can be performed to attract the readers attention: This should be brief and simple for the readers to notice.

b ) The use of images and outlines should be directly related to the promoted work. Good sketching and drawings are very useful in clarifying the products. c) An appealing margin can be added around the advertising text to differentiate it from other advertisements. Highlighting keywords and filling in spaces at the bottom of the copy are also useful for attracting the reader's interest.

d ) Indicating the cost of the item in the advert is also useful in gaining the readers' interest. That would be useful if the cost of the goods is low. e ) The inclusion of response slips in advertising texts is also useful in drawing crowds.

Advertising copy should be able to inform the readers about the benefits and use of the products. Actual catchphrases can be used to give inspiration to man. In the case of Campaign Coke, for example, the advertising copy states that "life is full of Lager Coke times", as well as in the case of the State Bank of India that it is advertised: "Protect your futures with the State Bank of India".

Proposals can also be made using certain images in the ad text. Advertising copy should be able to make a sustained impact on the readers if the proposals are supported by persuasive argument. Readers should have no doubts about the products used.

Exaggerations in the explanation of the properties of a given item must be verified. There must be an objection to the excellent characteristics of the products. They should be formulated in a plain text so that the readers can read them well. The Chelpark pens crayon inks are said to wipe your pens as you write, containing a cleaner coat for better pensecurity.

Likewise, in the case of Forhan's toothpaste, "it is perfect for the gums" and protecting your teeth" some organizations insure " monetary back guarantee" to persuade individuals of the superior qualities of the various items. 5 ) It should bring up the people: Advertising copy should inform individuals about the use and operations of a given item.

This should also convey new applications of a given device that are unfamiliar to many. A promotional text with information about the use, source from which the products can be obtained, prices and service available together with the products is very useful to increase customer demands and increase turnover.

A brochure with various instructions on the correct use and storage of the fridge is also provided with a fridge. Advertising copy should be presented in such a way that the readers get a permanent impression of the products. This can be successfully achieved by repeatedly advertising the message.

Repeat projected the continuous picture of the finished article onto the reader's head. Men are very familiar with the name of these wares. 7. It should be true: an advertising text should be accurate. There should be no misrepresentation and concealment of the real facts about the invention. It should rather clearly define the restrictions in the final article.

Failure to disclose these restrictions will result in the purchaser learning about them after the use of the products. It will definitely shake the buyer's trust in the merchandize and miss the real goal of the advertising.

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