Global Domains International Affiliate Program

International Domains International Partner Program

First of all, let me introduce you to what Global Domains International (GDI) is all about. You can use your GDI page to promote an affiliate program. Which is the Global Domains International Affiliate Program?

Worldwide Domains International, Inc. - Affiliate Opportunity

We are the global provider of domains for all . ws (Dot WS) domains. Hosts your weblog on your own domains or subdomains; up to 10 GB of space and 5 different weblogs at once!

Providing you with the highest degree of hospitality offers you maximum versatility! At the core of GDI's global affiliate program since 2004 has been a straightforward but high-performance 5-tier offset program that disburses 50% of all earnings. Being a GDI partner, you will be remunerated with a 10% fee on the earnings from each stratum over a period of 5 generation, without limiting the number of "frontline" partners (stratum 1) and thus without limiting your prospective earnings.

Make an infinite amount of $100 BONUSEN per weeks by just recommending five new approved partners in a 7-day competition cycle.

Every 5 affiliate you pay and recommend in a single month will give you a $100 free money upside. There'?s no limits! Recruit 25 new paying partners in a single weeks and you' ll get $500!

This program has the promise of changing your lives for the better.

I' ve been in networking for almost 20 years and distribution in general, so I know how to recognise an outstanding occasion!

Income varies according to the efforts of the partners. We are a product-driven business and are encouraging all subsidiaries and clients to use our goods and service.

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