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As a rule, Getcake ad providers offer CPM pricing models on channels such as desktop display, desktop video, mobile display and mobile video. Click on one of the links below to see the price information for your cake*. *Apply price details as a guideline. Providers and software information that CAKE ( uses in their business.

Price information for cake marketing is available on request.

Pricing formats: CAKE

There are 5 different pricing options for Cache. If you include your quotation in the system, you must choose a pricing option as the standard. This pricing model should be used for all leads submitted or purchased by bankers. Example: You are paying your partner $5 when the visitor completes a request and clicks Send.

Costs per Click - This pricing option should be used when you want to charge your partner every times a visitor hits their own page. _GO ( this hyperlink could be included in a creativity program, i.e. every times you click on the creativity program, you will be charged to the affiliate). Costs per thousand images - This pricing option should be used if you choose to use images (views) for payment.

Solved: This pricing option allows you to charge your partner a fee regardless of the number of converted files you generate. For example, you give your partner $20. When your partner only has 1 convert, you are paying $20. When your partner is generating 100 conversations, you still just give him the $20 fix.

While you can choose only one pricing style as the standard pricing style for this listing, you can create several pricing styles for each listing. It is also referred to as tender agreements. You can see in the picture above that we have prepared 4 quotation agreements with three different pricing formulas. To see a document on the preparation of quotation agreements, click here.

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Cookie are available in stores for $1 a piece or $10 a dollar a day for $1.50 a piece/$15 a dollar a dollar for FREE GLUEN. The majority of flavours are available every single night. D├ęcor sweet biscuits are available on request for $2 each. Larger than the size of a hand, our cookie is a great complement to any show, and the flavours are versatile!

Please give at least 24 hrs advance notification for the fulfillment of trays orders. You can buy a cupcake in the shop every morning. The flavours change when we change between 18 and 20 different flavours every single passing week. Many of our classic flavours can readily be transformed into gluten-free or vegetarian flavours; if you are interested in a transformation, give us a call!

Please allow at least 24 hrs lead time for individual orders. Minicupcakes are available on request for $18 per dollar / $20 per dollar gluten-free. The majority of our orders for cup cakes can be completed within 24h if they are for our NEW flavours. Individually crafted cups and/or orders for specialities and muffles need a week's time.

In the case of large orders, a deadline of at least one week must be observed. Following flavours are available on the market, every day this year. To order one of these combination for an alternate diet, please notify the shop at least 48hrs in advance. *Certain seasonality flavours are available by order throughout the year; a minimal order of a tens per flavour is necessary out of season.

You can order our pies 24-48 hrs in advance during the working day; weekends need advance notification as they can fill up quickly! These are available in all flavours below. As a rule, we can fulfil your wishes with a few days' grace during the workweek. Please allow at least one week's lead time for orders placed at weekends (Friday or Saturday), as our appointments fill up quickly!

The majority of flavours are available either vegetarian and/or gluten-free. can be ordered in any of the above flavours or in customised flavours. Please make as much advance notification as possible, but sometimes we can execute orders at shorter term. Prices depend on the size and amount of the portion. Note that prices are changeable at any given moment.

If you have any question about a product, please do not hesitate to ask the shop directly!

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