Get Paid to Wear Clothes

Being paid to wear clothes.

Let yourself be paid to advertise with tattoos. Earn money with T-shirts and clothes. You should say that the clothes make the interview. Many of the girls I know are NOT paid to wear clothes. Picture Wairongo Mataa carries some vintage finds from an exchange transaction.

You will be paid for the design (or just the wearing) of ourirts!

You will be paid for the design (or just the wearing) of ourirts! No reason, our shop has redoubled. We have added four new tops and will keep doing so every other workweek. At the moment you can get a 15 per cent rebate on all items in the shop with the rebate key HAUNTME2013 until the end of October (also pay attention to sales on Black Friday).

As well as encouraging anyone who has ever wanted to post an item to post for us to see, regardless of your level of expertise, we are encouraging all of you to send in your own artwork for the T-shirts you want to wear. A new competition is held every three months with a $500 award for the best t-shirt desig.

At our last competition, we asked for a parody of some of the most famous T-shirts of all times. Once the dusts had set on this competition, we selected three out of a series of stunning creations, all of which will be available in our shop over the next few week and all of which have won $500 for their work!

Winner: Well, if that looks like something you might want to try, we have a competition that' NOW runs NOW! If you don't like winning, but we like the way your boom is edited, we could e-mail you and put cash on you to help us create our own designs in the near term.

That' s exactly what happend to the good-looking Josh Geiser man of action, who created three of the four most recent supplements in our business. We' re going to keep this competition going undetermined and choose a new one every two weeks. All we want is for you to make the outside into a better place in our blouses, or at least so good that we can get coming generation to believe you did it through photographs.

We will keep you informed about competition winner, new tops and rebate code every Tuesday, provided you can't get enough of them, which will probably be the case if you keep reading here until the end.

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