Get Paid to see Ads

Be paid to see ads.

Every time I see advertising, I see it on every website or blog I access. As you can see, there are a number of different paid advertising options available, some of which are more effective than others. Some of you want full control over the look and feel of your website, we know. I think TrueView ads pay higher the longer they are seen. You control what information Google uses to display personalized ads to you.

Advertisements are an efficient and simple way to generate income from your applications.

Advertisements are an efficient and simple way to make money from your applications. AdMob is an intelligent application monetisation engine that will help you maximise ad and in-app sales. Over 1 million applications use Google AdMob to create a trusted source of income, paying more than $1 billion to developer.

The only thing you need to do is register for Google AdMob and then use the Google Mobile Ads SDK to place ads in your application with just a few line of coding. You' ll be paid quickly in your own country's currencies (if available), with no Google AdMob charges.

Tip: With Google AdMob mediation you can further boost your advertising revenues. The Google AdMob ad serving software works with over 40 ad serving sites to display the highest paid ads in your application. Well placed, target-oriented ads in applications, especially free applications, can generate good click-through and maintain the usability of the application. It' simple to just append the ad delivery key, and Google AdMob does the rest: locating and deploying ads that' re needed for your application by Google customers in Google AdMob, Google Ads, and authorised shoppers.

Carefully place ads and follow Google AdMob guidelines. AdMob offers a broad range of ad types, complete with interstills, videos, indigenous ads, and custom ads and ads designed to fit your needs. Leverage the indigenous ad functionality to align ads with the look and feel of your application to provide a more complete, smooth application experiences to your customers while increasing your sales power.

Don't miss out and limit the amount of ads that Google AdMob places at the cost of revenues. Think about placing home ads to advertise your other applications or your friends' them. Analyse the power of your application from Google AdMob with Google Analytics.

Can I get paid for surfing with the Brave Browsers?: BAdProject

Fundamental Attention Token (BAT) is a groundbreaking online marketing and reward site from the creator of JavaScript and creator of Mozilla & Firefox that awards user in Ethereum-based Token for all ads they view. Allocates ads local to each user without the need for tracing or capturing information.

The Brave is a new BAT-enabled data protection web page that defaults to blocking all third-party displays and tracker.

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