Get Paid to Post on Facebook

Be paid to post on Facebook.

You' ll get paid if someone buys from your link. Our affiliate program pays you to share our content. BE PAID TO ADVERTISE SPONSORED CONTRIBUTIONS ON FACEBOOK:. Are you posting on Facebook and Twitter? Then you could earn money by doing it for other companies.

Getting paid for publishing on Facebook

Turns out your Facebook feeder is really valuable. When you are like most humans, you are sharing something on Facebook at least once a night. Did you also notice that your newsletter is filled more and more with sponsor contents? It is home to almost 8% of all advertisements placed on the web.

All of us know that Facebook earns tonnes of cash (nearly $1 billion every 30 days), and the contributions it sponsors earn cash for someone else. There are two ways to get paid for publishing on Facebook: With Bubblews - Bubblenews will pay its subscribers about 1 penny when their Facebook post is seen, visited, liked or share.

The Bonzo Me - Bonzo Me will pay its customers 80% of the ad revenues they earn from user-generated contributions. At the beginning of the last week, the launch of the iPhone, Android and Web applications has already brought in around 30,000 dollars for its few thousand subscribers.

Learn how to make cash by splitting and publishing Facebook hyperlinks.

Some ways to make legit online cash are available. I' ve done a long research on it and the only way I can make a living is by publishing a common thread on community links like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Here's a step-by-step tutorial to help you make a living without investing. You just need to have an affiliate account on online community portals like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and make instant cash without investing.

You' re gonna have to open an bankroll. This is the most beloved shortlink website. Now, you need to find some things your friend likes to browse, like news, job offers, dates, etc. You' ll make a lot of fun simply by sharing it with your Facebook and Twitter mates.

Because I want to post onews, I am visiting someews channel pages and some newpaper pages. Sign in to your Facebook and Twitter accounts now. Make a new post type a few words about the messages and insert the shortcut we just shortened. Sharing this post and this one.

There is no need for capital outlay. Those pages are paying you per 1000 hits on the broken links. Believe me, it's very simple.

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