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Get Paid is a GPT (get paid to) program that accepts registration worldwide and allows users to earn through tasks, filling out offers, participating in surveys, playing games, watching videos, performing pay-per-click ads, recommending others and participating in contests. It is essential to lead our daily lives. The PTC Websites act as an intermediary between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for placing advertisements on the PTC Website, and part of this payment goes to the viewer when viewing the advertisement. They can be paid via Payza and Perfect Money.

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Kontroversen und Kritik[edit]

The Paid to Click (PTC) is an on-line trading scheme that attracts on-line commerce from those who want to make cash from their homes.... The PTC Web Sites act as an intermediary between marketers and users; the marketer will pay for placing advertisements on the PTC Web Site and part of this fee will go to the viewers when they view the advertisements.

PTC has some common features with Pay-to-Surf because both PTC and PTC use recommendation based advertising. In addition, the PTC scheme is typically associated with a wide range of extra earning options, such as filling in polls and easy assignments, gambling, shopping, and more. Beneficiaries can then exchange their receipts for money via payments processing agents and a wide range of vouchers.

Klick (PTC) Scams

Being paid to click on advertisements on-line may seem like an easier way to make a living, but it can also cause you to lose out. A PTC programme, for example, may say that you can participate in its winnings when you buy ad packs or other promotional items. PTC programmes can offer you promotional benefits such as viewing your advertisements on their networks or ensuring that your website receives enough visitors when you become a member or purchase their promotional packages.

Prior to buying a PTC member or promotional item, be advised that some PTC programmes may be fraudulent. Light bucks. Beware of being pessimistic if you are given high yields in return for simply buying items or for trivia jobs such as checking out a certain number of advertisements per ad per diem.

Use caution when asked to make advance payments to join a PTC programme, even if it is allegedly a subscription scheme or purchasing a PTC item. So why should a business ask you to contribute or buy a specific item for the "opportunity" to click on advertisements?

Take the example of entering the site name into an on-line browser and be sceptical if the results suggest that it is not a correct site name or that the PTC programme has no legit site operation. The SEC has recently filed two lawsuits against businesses for implementing Ponzi schemata through alleged on-line promotional programs:

In a lawsuit filed by Traffic Monsoon, the SEC has filed a lawsuit against an alleged on-line advertiser and its operators regarding the implementation of a Ponzi program. The SEC commissioned a firm and its executive to operate a Ponzi system through its alleged on-line marketing outlets, MLM Shop, The Business Shop and Fort Ad Pays.

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