Get Paid to Affiliate

To be paid to Affiliate

Would you like to get your dream car paid for? Would you like to earn additional income online? Remember traditional sellers who receive a commission for every sale they make. It' easy to make money as an affiliate. Skip to How often do I get paid?


Any account with a $100 or higher initial fee account net will receive a cheque or PayPal by the fifteenth of each calendar year. When you don't earn the $100 monthly fee credit, your $100 monthly fee credit is added to the next monthly salary, and a salary cheque appears when you earn $100.

Useenet Junction has optimized the whole affiliate lifecycle to ensure rapid and precise reportability. Round-the-clock on-line control of your own affiliate management site to check real-time statistics such as hits, views, signups as well as fees. You will be assigned a designated account manager who will introduce you to the affiliate panels, help you build a winning affiliate policy, and assist with coverage and provisioning when needed.

Should you have any queries, please direct them to Usenet Junction at

Partner Program - Get paid to advertise my topics.

Besides your wish to be my partner and a few moments to set up your free affiliate program. Advertise our products via spider engine, online community, blogs, forums, etc. or just mail all your friend with your affiliate links to my topics. The only thing you have to do is to get a user to my site through a specific hyperlink (called an "affiliate link") and when he makes a buy you will get a $39 fee for the month' s subscriptions and $29 for the "theme" only.

In order to be a current recommendation, the customer only needs to use the services for at least one months after the first free monthly period in the case of a season ticket. Any purchase from themes only is considered effective as long as no refunds are applied for and have been made on our website (purchases on other sites cannot be traced and are not effective).

Dein blog (resource page, blogs posts...), Facebook (on your own private page, on the company page or in groups), Facebook (on your own private account, on the company page or in groups), Interest est (pictures can be captured on the topic page), discussions in groups and boards on-line if it is useful (people asking for help on the website or hosting), e-mail to your e-mail address book, your friend and anyone you know.

All you have to do is place your affiliate links in all your advertising effort to get folks to my site. Affiliate tracking cookies last 60 seconds. When you make a buy within 60 working days of your click, you will earn a $39 provision. Your recommendations will all be followed up duly.

The Affiliate Programme uses a unique cookies to follow recommendations for best possible security. The Affiliate system will register this recommendation and place a unique search engine icon in the visitor's webbrowser. The affiliate system verifies the cookies when the user buys the products.

So if the user makes a purchase within 60 seconds of your click, you will earn your referral fee. After the first months of the probation period, if the client continues to use my services (even for one month), you will get your $39.

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