Get Paid to Advertise Online

Being paid to advertise online.

Buy-per-click online advertising will give you a clear picture of how much you get from an investment. Those programs and devices allowed users to simply be paid to leave their machines turned on. Undoubtedly, every ad you have seen online today has been paid for using one of the following methods:. Search engine marketing (SEM), online advertising or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing are other names for this topic. Therefore it is good to have some advertising money first.

Getting paid for advertising on YouTube

Yout YouTube movies may have become virtual and your channels may receive hundreds of millions of hits per minute, but without monetisation you won't see any benefits from your work other than the "likes" and commentaries left by your users on your videosites. Make your virtual assets a money earner by becoming a YouTube affiliate, link your Google AdSense affiliate, and activate ads on your movies.

Go to YouTube and login to your login area. In the upper right hand part of the window, click on your name. Once you are satisfied that your videocanal contains appropriate monetisation appropriate contents, you will be eligible for the YouTube Affiliate Programme and will be notified by e-mail. In the upper right hand part of the window, click on your name.

Review the Monetisation Policies and click the Next icon. Type your AdSense ID into the field below. And if you don't have an AdSenseccount yet, click "Create a new AdSense account," then fill out the form and send it to us. Once your AdSense license has been granted, you will be returned to this page. Review AdSense's Accept AdSense Policy and click the Accept icon.

Go to the AdSense website and sign in to your affiliate level. Then click "Account Settings" on the far side of the monitor. Go to the YouTube website and click your name in the top right hand corner. Do this. To monetise a particular movie, click the "Monetise" icon below the movie you want to monetise. Monetisation Option The Monetisation Option Monitor will appear.

Choose the item or items that best describe the contents of your videos. If your videotape is, for example, an originalsong that will be played at a live performance, review both the Performances and Music settings. Write about the videotape in the text entry field, along with information about your ownership of the videotape contents.

Video must comply with YouTube fellowship policies to qualify for monetisation. You can find the policy lists on the YouTube website.

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