Get Paid per click on your website

Let yourself be paid by clicking on your website.

Google Pay Per Click Ads (PPC) can be placed on your website for free, as shown on the right side of this page. No other way to make money with Pay Per Click: you must have a website. Earning money with your website is quite possible. Pay-per-click is the most popular form of advertising. Those ads are paid for by companies that use Google's pay-per-click program, AdWords.

The 8 stages to develop advertising revenues from your website

Three main ways to monetise a website (i.e. earn revenue) exist: affiliate branding. Earn merchant recommendation commissions when a referenced item or services leads to a purchase as a direct outcome of your links. Commercials. Get ad revenues for placing ads on your website, your blogs or email newsletters.

Building a website, letting crowds of visitors come and earn publicity while you relax on the beaches can be your dreams. However, if you have the right kind of website, and if you work tough and intelligent, you can at least earn moderate ad revenues with your website.

I would like, before I begin, to mention some apparent basic rules of advertising: More expensive goods and sevices can allow themselves to buy more advertisement than cheaper branches. It is always only on purposeful advertisement one clicks. When you place a general drugstore ad on a racecar website, you won't be selling much antacids.

Undirected ads sell for maybe 50 euro cent per 1,000 page impressions or less - not enough to make money. Prices for advertisements depend on offer and request. However, if there is a need for your website (that is, if you receive a great deal of focused traffic) - and your website has a valued audiences - then you will be perceived by marketers.

We have three major ways of promoting prices: It is the customary way in which TV, radio, magazine as well as newspapers and magazines are advertised. Click CPC (Cost per Click) or PPC (Pay per Click). Advertisers only make payments in this pay-for-performance paradigm if a prospective client takes sufficient care of the ad to click on it.

Far and away the biggest amount of online advertisements is distributed via this scheme. This is the way it works in marketing (which we will examine in another installment of this series). Let us now take a look at the 8 stages of generating ad revenues. Except if your website is related to an economically profitable business, the odds are good that you won't be able to make much profit with it.

Put in simple terms, marketers will only be paying you for advertisements if it will help them make a living. A whole website has been created around the proper use of grammar. It may be that a publishing house wants to promote a product here, but since the price of the product is 25 dollars or less and there is no fierce rivalry for such products nowadays, publishing houses will not be paying much for it.

Is my gremmatical boyfriend likely to get high ad revenues? No, I have another boyfriend who has a care website that has aroused the interest of pharmacists. As the pharmaceutical industy is very competetive and is selling some high price items, this kind of website has the possibility to earn good cash if correctly designed.

You need not only a business area, but also high value content: Unless your website teaches your audience, you won't get much exposure. Google Panda's algorithms updates tend to give poorer ranking to websites with bad contents, compared to things like rebound rates, the existence of intrusive advertisements and proof of scrapping or duplicating something on another website.

Web surfers are becoming more and more demanding and are not satisfied with average contents. Suppose you have pace 1 under your thumb, you' re now optimizing your contents with high-priced keys. With the Google AdWords Keyword Tool you can find out which Google AdWords products have the highest bidding rates in your area. There are two main ways to optimise your contents.

Choose the two or three tens of highest price catchwords in your business sector or market segment. Well, then post contents on these subjects. Place high-priced catchwords (wherever possible) in yours: It' not enough to have great contents. You will want to concentrate your effort on the most lucrative themes, and then ensure that your contents are properly indicated by your keyword searching engine for those lucrative keys.

Maybe that goes without saying, but if you don't have a lot of visitors to your website, you won't make a lot of profit when you sell advertisements. Gain a high ranking in the keyword rankings. Receive referrals and referrals to your site from other websites, blog ging, community forums, directory, social networking site, etc. Paid for advertisements to bring folks to your website - so they can see the advertisements there.

One of the first things your medium purchasers will ask you is if you are trying to directly advertise to sell: How high is your total amount of site visits per month? Receive the visitor and you can start attracting interested advertiser. When you have an ad income policy for your website, you will have looked a great deal at competitive sites to see what makes them good - and to see how you can get even better.

Nature and magnitude of advertising. Does most of the advertising in your business involve Google text advertisements or displays (i.e. graphics ads)? What is the most common screen sizes if displays are used? Since 28 February 2011, the International Advertising Bureau (IAB) has listed seven standardised ad blocks (dimensions in pixel are given in brackets):

You will still see this on the web, but not on websites that try to advertise to those who are paying well. You will sometimes see other styles, but for the design of your own page keep in mind the most beloved styles in your particular marketplace. Resource of the advertisement. Take a closer look now to find the advertisor.

Target URL on the target page of the advertiser's website where the web surfer should land. DoubleClick (now held by Google), for example, is often used to show higher-priced advertisements on better websites. Advertising on the other side will place cheaper advertisements. Some of the ad network name are shown in 7 below.

Investigation you do here can be rewarded with useful brains to help you devise your own strategies. Once you have an inkling of how businesses are prone to advertising in your market segment or sector, you need to make your website templates fit the most common ad size.

Make sure you don't overcharge your website templates to make them look overloaded. Few advertisements that are shaped to look good on your website will give you a professionally looking look without being overstated. Only the most famous advertisements get many click-throughs anyway. A typical website that offers advertisements displays a ranking at the top (728×90) with a different ad space on the right side of the page.

Consider now three kinds of advertisements on your website. Google's ability to take ad Sense is that it strives to show only those advertisements that are pertinent to the keyswords on your website. Also they have found million of recruiters, many of whom have good results in advertisements on websites like yours.

They don't have to find the advertiser. Google seems to be paying publishers such as yours for about half the revenues it gets from them. Because they are focused on your contents, they achieve a higher offer rate than undirected advertisements. You can also try using Google AdSense to create your own ad displays (image ads).

Another type of ad resource are non-Google network advertisements. Two major kinds of network exist: ad network and affilate network. Commercials. Businesses that you sign contracts with to show the advertisements of their customers on your site. Payment can be on a per click base (maybe 50 cent up to several thousand dollar per thousand advertisements - or less) or on a per click base.

Look in "Advertising networks" and you will find listings with them. While some advertising network companies focus primarily on one business area, others provide advertising in many sectors. I have seen that advertisements are usually not narrowly oriented to your contents, but only to your general business. As a result, the click rates tend to be lower and your sales lower.

However, if your site isn't very focused on a high-priced advertising marketplace, an advertising campaign can be your best resource for advertising. Associate Networking. We will consider affilate merchandising in another item of this set. Nevertheless, affilate backbones match here as they provide displays from many ad providers. Mainly, the main differences to advertising networking is that advertising networking typically pays on a CPM or CPC base, while affiliated networking typically pays primarily on a CPM (cost per action) base when a click results in a buy or sell.

Look in "Affiliate Networks" to see a list of these as well. There are some major Affiliate research networks: ClickBooth, CJ (Commission Junction), ClickBooth, ClickBank, Shareasale und Linkshare. Usually, you can select the ad and ad size you want to show on your site, as well as the advertiser you think will generate the best return for you.

Except that a single affiliate may authorize your site before permitting you to place their advertisements on your site. When you find a good result in generating revenues from your website, you should consider hiring an agent who will act as a commercial agent and search for website owners for your website.

Salespeople are marketers who are able to work directly with the main advertisers' PR purchasers on PR transactions - contracts you couldn't get yourself because salespeople with experience have sector expertise and an extended contact base. When you have a relatively profitable promotional opportunity, this may be the best way to get the most out of your advertisements.

A good marketer won't even consider working with you if you don't have a great deal of exposure and advertising revenues. A good distribution staff requires a high proportion of the total advertising revenues for their work. To find a good, hard-working and prolific field representative for your business is a hit-and-miss project.

There may be several salespeople you need to try before you find the one that's right for your business. Hopefully this review of the stages in the development of promotional income for your website will give a sound dosage of realisticism. A lot of websites have little promotional value.

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