Get Paid for Sending Visitors

Paying for sending visitors

This means: For every visitor that you forward to cashfortraffic. com, you're gonna get paid! Need a program that only pays for the placement of visitors? Meaning now my partners are getting well paid for the traffic they send me. They can be paid by sending your visitors to companies to check them out.

No investment, minimum effort & maximum return!

Will there be an Affiliate Programme that will pay for visitors I get to their sites through community service?

Visitors? No, it doesn't really care how many visitors you are sending, it does care how good the visitors are. The only way to monetize visitors without converting is probably to build your own website and install Google Adsense. You can then use your own channel to generate additional content on your website.

Otherwise, how you could be sure that you are not sending spamming my spam (to pay only for visitors). Like I said, it'?s ql instead of qty. It is better to have 100 visitors with 5% convert than 1,000 visitors with 0.3% convert. Best way to monetise your revenue is to develop your own products - especially a digitised one ( no mail order, logistic, etc.) as it has high margin.

Receive $0.04 for every single visitor you sent me!

I run an Affiliate Programs where I will give you $0.04 for every single user you submit to my site. This means that you only need to transmit 125 one-of-a-kind visitors to make $5.00, which I don't think is a lot ofbody. To register, please go to

When enough is sent out, your referral fee can be increased. Be aware that all your visitors will be screened and any attempts to play your revenue will lead to a locked accounts. What about the newsletters circulation? About 5000+ of my readers are subscribed to my newsletters. Were you looking for any visitors from there? do you agree that the page I own is like Ådsense, but you will display the links I can make on the publisher's website? I would like to join for 4 percent per click on my website, which is similar to Ådsense... and let Publishers actually make moneys from me....

I would look for cheating and tell you that it is NOT permitted to use Paid for traffic. I have signed up to your affiliate programme, but there are only two flags, I need some 160*600 sized flags that I will place on the side bar, so if you can make these flags then I will certainly try your programme immediately....thank you!

I' ve registered for free play on my site - I could really use a 728 x 90 sized flag - could you make one? Hello davies, can I advertise it on an adults videosite? if not, I will try it on my arcade site.

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