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Most Frequently Asked Queries

No matter whether it is a matter of our own planning, whether it is a matter of concentrating on photovoltaic or click energies in general, we have a solution for you. Frequently asked about Click Energies? feed-in compensation increases? When do I get a feed-in remuneration and what is it? Compensation for feeding into the grid is a prize you receive for electric current that you produce from a source such as photovoltaics.

In Victoria and Queensland, the feed-in remuneration is a net feed-in remuneration, i.e. it only covers the surplus amount of energy you inject into the network, whereas in New South Wales it is a crude feed-in remuneration. It is possible to obtain the feed-in rate by contact Click Energy once you have correctly dosed a photovoltaic system in place.

What money do I get for the power I produce? You' re only getting payed for power you feed into the net. There is no payment for the power you produce and consume in your home, but this will reduce the amount of power you have to bring in and thus lower the overall costs of your power supplies.

Do I get payed money in the form of money for the power I produce? The Click Energys offer a discount on your invoice as part of the cost of the photovoltaic power you have exported to the network. Further information on our remuneration policies for photovoltaic power fed into the public power network can be found in our terms and conditions for feed-in tariffs. Must I make the third installment?

Click Energy's schemes include some with a month-by-month bill and others with a quarter-byquarter bill schedule. If you have a Victoria smartmeter, you will be charged every month. When you have a timer, you will receive a bill every three months. Please click here to access Click Energy's Click Energy bill view to find out what information is displayed on your bill and where.

But there are a number of other simple ways to make your Click Enery bill work. Please click here for more information about our methods of payments. There are several possible causes for this, e.g. your consumption is less than the amount you have already purchased, excess power is produced by your modules, or you have a Click Energie discount - such as the sign-up discount.

Does the rebate apply before or after GST? When is the license fee applicable for rebates? Every rebate you receive will be charged on your monthly invoice - this is the same for all Click-clients. May I make a deposit into my bank transfer anytime?

Custom payments can be agreed - simply call one of the Click teams at 1800 77 59 29 and we'll help you get started. Of course, this is more precise for smartmetered clients and does not hold true for estimates of invoices. What do rebates work like? Click Energy's rebates for paying on your account work slightly differently.

Find out more about how our rebates work. My rate? What's my rate? Find out about our prices for heating and cooling. What's the idea of estimating my bill? Where this is not possible, an estimate shall be made. What are my estimates of my power bills and saving per month? You estimate your total expenses per month on the basis of the category you selected during the registration procedure.

Depending on your chosen state, the entire 1,800 kWh, 3,200 kWh, 4,500 kWh, 7,200 kWh and 20,000 kWh per year power consumed is used for minimum, small, middle, large and corporate use. Once you have indicated that you own an electrical car, an extra 4500 kWh has been added to the above mentioned overall electricity use.

You estimate your montly expenses on the basis of the maximum only rate for the power distribution company near you, calculated on the basis of your postal code (this can also be found in our Energy Price Factsheets). What do you do to estimate my PV expenses and my PV energy saving? You estimate your total expenses per month on the basis of the category you selected during the registration procedure.

Overall 1,800kWh, 3,200kWh, 4,500kWh, 7,200kWh and 20,000kWh per year power consumed is used for minimum, small, mid-sized, large and corporate users according to your chosen power rating, and is then matched to your postal code and system dimensions. Net meterings used a pure peak rate setup.

Photovoltaic manufacturing is a process that follows the Clean Energy Council's Consumer Guide for Photovoltaics for your country's capitol, and varies depending on the plant sizes and locations. Click Energy's feed-in rate (FiT) is calculated on the basis of Click Energy's feed-in rate, which is governed by the Click Energy PV Plan Rules.

Click Energy's PV plan rebates are charged on the entire bill, not just on power use. Invoice amount is an estimated value and varies according to use, utilization pattern, installation of photovoltaic system and site. Once you have indicated that you own an electrical car, an extra 4500 kWh has been added to the above mentioned overall power use.

What is the calculation of my estimates of my montly natural Gas bills and saving? You estimate your per month expenses on the basis of the category you chose during the registration procedure. Entire 10,000MJ, 20,000MJ, 35,000MJ, 60,000MJ and 350,000MJ per year power usage is used for minimum, small, mid-size, large and enterprise clients depending on your preferred state.

Tariffs of Tarif 5 are used for the nearby distribution network on the basis of your postal code (this can also be found in our Factsheets). This way you can be sure that all your Click Energies payment is on schedule and you get your well-deserved payment on Time discount.

Click's montly statement is developed to help clients budge their home spending by making smaller payments each months instead of getting a big bill at the end of each trimester. Your current payment of the installment can cause a bill shocking when your laundry bill is made. To protect our clients from bill shocks, we have raised the standard per capita rate to between $75 and $400 per annum.

When you think your actual rate level is a good indicator of your month -to-month use, or when you choose to budge a bigger amount at the end of the month, it's no big deal! The only thing you need to do is e-mail us your requested amount and we will take good care off the remainder.

That can be in a single or two months, according to where you are in the actual payroll cycles. What effect will this have on my wages for the rebate? Your salary is paid on account of your bill, any bill if you punctually paid. If, for example, you are on Click Easy and all your invoices are paid on schedule, you will get a 7% rebate on your installment and laundry invoices.

This is the rebate in action: By the end of January, he gets a $100 bill and spends it on schedule. By the end of February, he receives an invoice for $93 ($100 in installments minus $7 for punctual payment of his last invoice) and also makes punctual payment of this invoice.

By the end of March, his counter is metered and receives a laundry bill of $143.49 (actual use less) and all pay-on-time rebates. He received 49 for his power and was awarded $13. 51 in payment on demand rebates for the payment of his bill on demand. This charge will only be levied on any payment made by bank transfer after 1 July 2014.

Without a small share of our overheads, we can no longer provide large rebates and lock-in agreements. Is this true for all Click Energys clients? Power traders in Victoria are not permitted to levy charges for delayed payments. Similar to our cash on delivery rebates, if you fully settle your invoice by the due date included, you will not be billed a delay penalty and you will get your cash on delivery rebate.

Reduced power tariffs and therefore lower prices can be expected. Is any other part of my power scheme going to be changed? Your Pay-on-Time rebate and the term of your subscription will remain unchanged. Every power consumption or the charged service fee will be charged at the new tariff.

If I exit Click Energy before the pricing changes are complete, what happens? Should you exit Click Energy before your CO2 Reimbursement is received, provided we have your postal and/or electronic addresses, we will make sure that you get the full reimbursement to which you are eligible. Does this have an impact on my remuneration for feeding electricity into the grid?

No, the feed-in fares financed by Click Energy that you receive remain unchanged. We have many different fare plans in the three countries in which we do business, and we want to ensure that any changes to your bill are made properly. What percent will my power prices fall by?

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