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" Get Money" is the third and last single from the debut album Conspiracy by Junior M.A.F.I.A.

. How you can get your money, how you can access it and how you can access it early. Get Money is a personal financial expert who will show you how to get more money into your pocket without letting your life take over. GMOM, Get Money Out Maryland, supports an Article V agreement to amend the US Constitution to undo Citizens United. But the cool thing is that this platform is also an excellent way for everyday people like you to make money with your videos.


It was used in the 2002 8 Mile and 2009 biographic Notorious (with Lil' Kim's verse), and the repetitive line "Take Money" in the 2Pac hit title "Hit 'Em Up" is a piece on "Get Money". Also using the same Dennis Edwards sampler as the "Get Money" remake, this is a very intense dissent tune for Biggie Smalls and other members of the Bad Boy recording group.

Lil Wayne's 2002 Way of Life track introduces the line "Cash Money", which will interpolate the choir to this track and refer to Wayne's then label; it also uses the Dennis Edwards sampling.

Jr. M.A.F.I.A. - Get money song lyrics

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