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The Freepost service is a postal service offered by various postal administrations in which one person sends post without postage and the recipient pays the postage when collecting the mail. Standard Pre-printed allows you to pre-print the envelope with your address and Freepost license number and deliver the envelopes to your customers. Free Mail is a convenient and cost-effective way to maximize customer response rates for your promotions. Free Post is ideal for companies that use direct marketing tactics or sell goods online. The customers simply use their own envelopes and indicate their freePost number.


The Freepost mailing system is a system offered by various post offices in which one individual dispatches post without paying for it and the addressee has to pay for it when he or she collects it. Free Post distinguishes itself from self-addressed franked envelopes, courteous replies and paid replies in that the addressee of Free Post does not pay for all those delivered but only for those actually sended.

Typically, a company uses Freepost to send mass mailings to prospective clients who can send mass mailings, inclusive of envelope or postcard, back to the company via Freepost. Another common application is for journals to contain season tickets that can be returned to prospective members by Freepost. Another example of a vendor application is to make a returns sticker with the appropriate postage stamp (as described below) available to a buyer so that the buyer can send the product back to the vendor free of charge after receiving a returns authorization.

Noncommercial use would be the restitution of objects that belong to a company: the object will be imprinted on the back "if it is found, please send it by free mail to ". The RFID entry card of the British NHS employee, for example, can be sent back by Freepost if found or lost. As a result, the NHS employee's RFID entry card can be sent back by Freepost. Freepost is known as Reply Paid in Australia.

Specifically imprinted enclosures will be used with the licensee's adress and the words "Reply Paid" with an authorisation number. Authorisation holders pay the cost of shipping plus a charge to the relevant authorities. Customers can manually tender the reply envelope[1]. A major client like the tax office would have an FP number corresponding to the postcode to further reduce mistakes.

In order to co-ordinate the services with the United States, Canada Post uses the same terms and standard as the USPS (as discussed below), with the exclusion of the use of Canada postal zip numbers. The United States Postal Services uses Freepost as its commercial response in the United States. Mailers who wish to obtain free postal services must obtain a commercial response permission and create enclosures, cards or tags in accordance with USPS established standard, using an appropriate FIM-B or B number.

Postal addresses on envelopes, postcards or labels are the same as on ordinary post, except that the postcode +4 is different. Some major metropolitan areas have their own five-digit postal coded response (e.g. 20077 and 20078 in Washington, D.C.). There is also room on the cover or card for the number of the certificate of incorporation.

The Netherlands treats franking in the same way as ordinary post. Consignee needs a specific address: a response number (response number in Dutch). However, if no stamps are used, the consignee will pay the cost plus a charge, but if the consignor uses a stamps, there will be no additional cost. There are two kinds of Freeposts in Finland.

The first one, which is used on order sent by the firm and the client wants to send it back (e.g. an order from an e-commerce shop), the client can use the same cover sent by the firm and just type "PALAUTUS" or "ASIAKASPALAUTUS" ("RETURN" or "CUSTOMER RETURN" in English). It must have a contractual relationship with the Itella Post Office in Finland.

Thereby "tunnus" means "code" and "vastauslähetys" "return delivery". The postcode is always the same for these shipments. Usually there is a text that indicates that the shipping is done in the top right hand edge. Customers can enter the addresses in handwriting. Freipost is also used in other jurisdictions, although the cover design requirements imposed by the post offices in those jurisdictions are very different from those described above.

The Freepost adress can have a specific Freepost number that is used together with or instead of the adress for normal post. An example of an internationally available Business Reply Service cover that would be received by the United States Postal Service for free shipping to non-U.S. adresses. There is also Freepost Internationale and is widely known as "International Business Reply Service", "International Business Reply Mail", "International Business Response Service", "IBRS" and, in French, "Correspondance Commerciale-Response Internationale" (CCRI).

Just like the USPS response post, the USPS response post must also meet certain formats, such as the distinctive "REPONSE PAYEE" (French for "reply paid") and a number that indicates the bank that pays the postal charges. 4 ][3] Internal replies service is a comfortable way for foreign clients to answer the originator with prepaid calling card and envelope free of charge.

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