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anners, headers, homepage, website. You can download these header graphics for your website. Completely FREE for personal use. Great for your blog or website header! Whilst there are some free header art sites, some sites sell their handmade header art.

The WordPress header - WordPress Banner

New WordPress headers can drastically alter the look and feel of your blogs. Be sure to pick a headers that will work well with the remainder of the topic on the page and correctly set it up to get the best results. A lot of web professionals, who have very good web designing abilities, do not want to produce their own WordPress headers from the ground up.

Instead, they choose a ready-made WordPress headers with which they can create their own blogs. Our WordPress headers galleries have a uniquely designed set of WordPress headers that allows you to create your website without having to spend countless hours creating your own headers graphics.

Any of our WordPress headers are available for free downloading and can be used for free in your own private and business blogs, website and your projects, spicing up your blogs and making them look really professionally and stunning. For our audiences we provide two fashionable WordPress headers 1280×375 and 1024×300, which are the best picture formats for WordPress, can be modified and adapted to your work.

You can also easily get the 960×250 pixel format, the Old Classic WordPress headers format, with OneClick cropper and resizer tool easily and simply. WordPress' free headers gallery has a wide range of headers, you'll find almost any theme you're looking for, just look at our headers in the right side bar... Enjoy and have a good time!

Please feel free to comment on any of our free services. Browse our gallery and find your favorite WordPress header that best matches your blogs or website.

Free headers for your website downloading! Every package has 3 colour choices!

Free headers for your website pictures now! Every package has 3 colour choices! Downlaod these headers for your website. Every headers is 960 x 250 x 960 and has 3 different colour choices. Be sure to review our General Conditions before uploading the pictures. You may not reproduce any part of this material in any way without the prior explicit permission of Entheos.

Unauthorised use, disclosure, duplication or dissemination of these items by any means, whether electronically, mechanically or otherwise, is expressly forbidden.

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