Free Property website

Free-of-charge real estate website

Build your own professional real estate website with a slideshow, gallery and videos in minutes. In Gatton and the surrounding suburbs of QLD, Australia, All Property Real Estate offers properties for sale. The office keeps these assets free of charge until they are claimed by the owner or heir. Complimentary search tools include mechanical search for properties.

Build a FREE real estate website to place your home, property or other property for purchase by an estate agent or property manager in 3 fast and simple screens.

The website is currently being discontinued. New website has been created and will replace it. If you are looking to build a real estate website, please go to Don't waste your cash promoting your property until you have a website where you can reach prospective purchasers or tenants. Purchasers and landlords can view your property from home 7 nights a week, 24-7.

Assign your property an ID. If you have a house for selling, an appartment for rental, a plot for rental or something in between, have it list on its own website with a photogallery and slideshow. Every real estate directory has its own website name that can be placed on advertisements, "For Sale" signage, driver signage, picture cards, leaflets,, or any other solicitation.

You can also set the name of the website as a hyperlink to other sites. When you want another name for your domainname, you can make your own custom name and buy it from a registered user like for less than $10/year. Keep up with the number of visits to your website.

Real estate leaflets can be published from your website. Lists up to 25+ objects simultaneously. Re-use the quotation numbers or delete one quotation and insert another. Possibility to directly hyperlink to a page containing all your real estate. Customize the look and feel of your property pages, results pages, and printing fliers by adjusting background, text, and banners in a few easy slices.

Immediately after completing the property descriptor page, your website will be visible to the general public. Your website will be visible to the general public immediately. Register for a free evaluation version. Your free of charge free one-month probation period comes with your full subscription, so there's nothing to be paid until you try it and are happy with your web sites.

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