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The OLX is one of the largest free classifieds sites in India. Popular commercial residential real estate website in India. Service your customers with an easy and free real estate financing service. The best real estate websites in India to list your property online. Buy, sell, rent, residential and commercial real estate in India.

15 Top real estate and property search sites in India (2019)

Enormous efforts and considerable amount of patience are required in the whole negotiation procedure: contacting agents, walking and inspecting the property, negotiation of the interest rates, etc. In order to make things easier, we have listed the 15 main property websites in India that you can count on when you are on your housing search quest whether for rental or for buying a new property.

The list for the real estate to be rented or sold is just as simple as the search for such a property. Best of all, they've got every nook and cranny of India in their covers. In fact, you can even choose to choose only the property listings of the owner if you want to cut commission.

There will be a hundred choices ahead of you. You will also make sure that you are called at frequent regular times to see if you have been able to find the property you are looking for. Have a look at them here! Shortly after MagicBricks made folks get used to finding property on-line, we saw many other interesting opportunities for on-line property-sites.

You also have a panindic list of property for sale, buy and lease in over 25 towns within the state. First and foremost caterers for property developer, building owners and agents they are a good option when it comes to purchasing a property or investment in an imminent property development venture. Have a look at them here!

However, the lists here are not as comprehensive as you would find on the two above mentioned sites. However, we suggest that you pay a call because the objects on the list are respectable and confined, so it's a clear and concise itinerary. Have a look at them here! took property search on-line to a different plane when they introduced themselves a few years ago.

Only the objects that have been viewed by the accommodation have been displayed here. com agent have been displayed with current images of the objects. Representatives on the list are certificated by them and you will see a "*" mark against their name. Increasingly, they have spread to the vast majority of India's major municipalities.

Finding a property here is a great adventure and unlike other sites, the filter is very well-configured. Have a look at them here! It' more for property pros, as many new properties are included. You do not have a powerful data base of homes available for rental.

Though you can still examine out the Options as they include over 200 towns across India with over 5 lakh property listings and 1,000 new properties as well. In addition to the lists, they also carry a huge repertoire of property-related research, which ranges from regulatory questions to the operation of service facilities to household contents assurance.

Have a look at them here! Wherever the possibilities for rental property are severely restricted, they have good opportunities for new developments and objects for sale. Real estate for rental is a very attractive option. View detailed site reporting of your selection and report on hotselling properties/projects. Have a look at them here!

Most of the real estate mentioned here comes directly from the sources, so you can be sure that you will not have to invest in real estate. You' ll have to fight a little to put the filter in place and see how they list the features. Only register here if you are looking for a home for rental or a PG/Community.

You do not have any real estate for sale. It is not for trading. Have a look at them here! is mainly privately owned and provides the opportunity to both buy and lease real estate. Best to review the choices here is the date given against each offer. Have a look at them here!

They' ve got lists alive! You are one of the main actors to provide good purchase and sale opportunities for everything - including property! They' re great for finding property locally. Have a look at them here! You are an on-line property consultancy website with a comprehensive offering of property advertisements.

You will accompany you from the beginning of your trip to the purchase of a home. Scroll through more than 139,000 reviewed property offers with full information about the facilities on offer and the surrounding area. It will also help you with housing loan and property register procedures. Have a look at them here!

Among all the above points we have found that they have a very user-friendly navigational function and the features presented are backed up by pertinent information and images. You can access the details of the process via the Purchase, Sale and Rental tab pages in the upper right half of the homepage. Have a look at them here!

As part of TTK Property Services, they provide property purchase, sale and rental services in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Most of the objects mentioned below are exclusively for them. So we liked the way they proceeded to divide the offers, which is simple for the eye and will help limit the selection of real estate that meets your requirements.

It is a plattform that makes it easier for you to get the right information about real estate papers or other real estate matters. Have a look at them here! In 10 Indian towns - Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Guragaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Hyderabad and Pune - they provide rentals where you can select between multi-bed rooms, privately owned rooms and full apartments.

To plan your trip, enter the length of your stay to see the property first-hand. Then you can even make the payment for the Tokens on-line to reserve the room/bed. It also informs the tenant about the buildings mentioned in all the towns. Have a look at them here!

You are not the target to search for real estate, but you can login here to have a conversation about the property you want to buy/rent. Our purpose in including them here is to help you discuss with professionals if you are clear about how much you should spend and where to go when buying property.

Have a look at them here! When you are considering an investment in a property, it is a must for you to review it. The PropChill project is started with the goal of closing the loop and providing a detailed, impartial and detailed real estate research in India so that you can make a smart one.

Have a look at them here! The next times you choose to relocate, be sure to review the various available choices available on-line before contacting your brokers.

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