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Free-of-charge websites for real estate sales

This is the best presentation for your property - because reaching the most buyers is the key to a successful sale! BuyMyplace: I want you to move my house. I want you to move your own house.

Have a look how much you can safe by buying from us! Specify your real estate value: If you have any question about our products? We' re here to help you. A free instant message with one of our real estate experts. Thank you for signing up for your free real estate sale conversation. Soon one of our experts will get in contact with you.

If you would like more information on how to make an offer, buy a parcel or find the right property for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The home for real estate research

Easily find and locate over 12 million real estate objects with appraised value, property size, stories that have been bought or rented and what is on the property list. What is a property good for? Receive a free quoted estimate of the value of over 12 million homes in Australia. Allow us to facilitate your property purchase enquiry.

Free of charge, our suburban trend research and property purchase and sales advice will help you during your trip. Become the locals specialist with our free one-month candid on the power of your area. You get up-to-date sales and rental objects, up-to-date sales, average prices and historic dates. With our application you can explore the automatic estimation of the computed value of real estate throughout Australia, wherever you are.

The Onthehouse is an all-in-one property search that gives you all the information you need about properties for rent, rental properties for rent, suburban insight, market intelligence and trend information to find out exactly what, where and when to buy, resell or lease. They can also find a realtor, see the price of recently-selling houses, see the property value in your area and find suggestions for renovations.

Real estate value and real estate market data

The Property Value and Property Pages are designed to help those who research property in Australia make sound purchase and sale choices. Although we appreciate that some property owner choose to keep this information private, we may share this information with various third party companies. Notice that property pages and sales information will not be deleted upon enquiry.

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