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There are 50 websites to publish your property offers for free.

When you are something like me, you can ALWAYS use another on-line site to promote your property offers - especially if this site is FREE. I will show you 50 different sites in this blogs posting that you can use to put together a basic property list and publish it for hundreds of millions of new apples.

Some of these sites are more mature, some of them have a more focused target group for property and some of them receive significantly more visitor numbers than to keep it easy, I will begin with my latest "Top 10" and continue with the remainder of the sites that are currently running on the web.

As an aside, while it's simple to suppose that your real estate listing only belongs on sites where tonnes of folks are already there, I think it's also important not to miss the value of having your listing in front of many different target groups. Although an advertising agency may be less well-known or newer on the scene, it may be worthwhile for you to publish your real estate information there.

Keep in mind that the aim is to place your entry in front of as many prospective purchasers as possible, and the purchasers who surf website A may never think of surfing website B (or website A, or website B, or website B, or website D, or website E). Thinking of FREE of charge is one of the first sites that comes to mind when thinking of Craigslist (and as one of the busiest sites in the worlds today, it is no wonder why most folks think of FREE of charge sites online).

For a long time, the Craigslist has been an excellent place to find purchasers and vendors for all kinds of properties - especially as many individuals participate in each sub-category of this on-line portal. While there are many limitations (such as the ability to hyperlink to third-party sites and embedded videos), with the available resources it is more than enough to tell purchasers what the property has to say and attract enough interest to create some valid lead and sale.

Craigslist, in my view, is a listings site that is ALWAYS well worth it (whether you are a seller or an agent). It' s quite difficult not to gamble on this site with the hundred million unique users it receives every year. The Zillow is another huge on-line trading site specifically developed for the property industry.

Instead of meeting the needs of many different kinds of buyer and seller like Craigslist, this website focuses specifically on being the number one property buyer and sellerplace. What is great about Zillow is that it is one of the few on-line property market places that also allows property owner s/owners to publish FREE property advertisements for the owner to sell... and this is actually kind of a big game.

Every months there are literally thousands of million who go through this website (with many of them originating from AOL, Yahoo, Trulia and more) and most of them are there with the single aim of looking for properties to buy and lease. It is also noteworthy that many shoppers begin their quest with Zillow (instead of just looking at their MLS lists ), so it is a great way to get exposed to a huge (and targeted) public at no expense.

Zillow Lists are some of the best when it comes to putting the information together. As well as looking quite good (aesthetically), the offers also come with lots of additional information integrated with their various drop-down articles that can help potential shoppers find out more about the history behind each offer.

is the one with the tape. Whilst I'm undoubtedly happy that they offer EVERY ONE way to adding videos (unlike most of the free listings I've come across), I'm not a big supporter of their 2-minute self-shot videos choice. It is not simple to put a property in the best possible perspective in less than 2 min and/or just with the bag full of cameras.

Adding this add-on would be a significant enhancement to their existing FPL. It is not only the dominating actor in the field of public relations, but it has also become a very proactive and efficient place to buy and buy property. No matter if you decide to publish your property for purchase on the Facebook marketplace or in one or more of your nearest Facebook groups, this interactive community provides a TON of opportunities to increase your presence.

Having a website like Facebook, most folks already spend every single minute here (and they're not just here to find property listings), so there's a great chance to attract buyers' interest through another (and very popular) alley on the web. When you can publish your property information in the right groups and contain some great, high-quality images and fundamental property information, it's a great way to improve your odds of getting a purchaser for your property.

Remember, if you combine a longer property review with these ad types, the user will have to click "See More" by hand to see everything - so really, the most important sales argument that attracts most people's interest is the images. With Facebook, it's simple to hyperlink to an external website (such as your sales website) so you can always incorporate the more detailled offer information there, as long as you can attract your buyer's interest with a few good images and enough information to make him click through.

Yet another great thing about Facebook is that it's very simple to publish a contribution in several Facebook groups (if you're a member of more than one group that finds the right information)...which means you don't have to struggle against the system to get more attention like you would with a site like Craigslist.

The Hotpads is one of a kind on this page, as it is only meant for renting real estate (houses, flats, condominiums, etc.), not for selling. However, this still meets a great need of many real estate landlords, and since it is one of the larger actors in the room, with a very well laid out design and a very well laid out user surface, it is definitely noteworthy to be on this mailing list.

The site attracts over 10 million hits per month, and as one of the Zillow Group's brands, all offerings are signed to appear on Zillow and Trulia, providing great added value. As this site only addresses the letting community, it will not be the right choice for all property pros and developers trying to get their property sold (and of course it does not offer empty plot option or other type of slot property).

Having said that, if you are a property administrator and/or if you own some leased real estate for which you need leaseholders, I can't think of many reasons why you don't have an account using hotspots and would use it on a regular basis. It is a great place to get a great presentation to a target group.

When you are a property developer, the Connected Investor is a website you should know. It' a fairly large on-line peer audience, and the site provides more than just network possibilities, you can also include your property for sale listings (as well as viewing property for purchase by other investors).

Given that the overwhelming bulk of the users on this site are property developers - it's important to realize that they are here to make a living from the property is generally not offered at ridiculously high prices, but to those who want to enter the business and get some capital out of the business.

What I appreciate about the property approval engine on this site is that you can type in MUCH deal-specific detail that will interest property developers, as illustrated in this tutorial (e.g. - property ownership cost, Cashflow detail, zone allocation and usage, etc.).

Also I liked the ticking timer at the beginning of each list because it helped give a feeling of urgency/scarcity to anyone who wants to take the business edge. Probably not the best choice for a former BSBO vendor or realtor aiming at self-involved shoppers, this site is a great place to achieve a certain presence with a very target group oriented target group, but if you're aiming at the property investor communities in general (e.g. if you're a wholesale dealer or a turnkey property seller), it's a great place to achieve a certain presence with a very target group oriented target group.

Because Cozy is a little different than the other sites on this site do. Its first distinguishing feature is that (similar to HotPads) it is only designed for rentals and markets them to potential renters (not for the complete sale of a property). A further significant distinction is that no potential lessee actually scans Cozy for rented property.

Instead, Cozy syndicated its offerings to Web Sites such as Realtor and Doorsteps (Cozy is one of the few pages - perhaps the only one - that allows independents to get their rentals on the MLS through Cozy can also be used as a place where you can easily have your entry hosted and then shared the address wherever you want (post it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, send it to a boyfriend or send it by e-mail to everyone on your list).

So you have more oversight over who is looking at your rented property - which can be very useful in some cases. Also Cozy is a fully-fledged real estate administration solution, which means that the list function is closely linked from list to use, leasing contract to debt collecting. The Cozy is designed for lessors, which means that its usefulness can go much further than a location designed exclusively to promote your property.

When you are a lessor, I can't think of a good enough excuse not to use this site, especially considering that the lessor does not charge for the use of the site (all charges are paid by candidates and tenants). It is definitely not the right choice for any property pro, as it is meant only for lessors and renters, but if you match this section, you must visit it yourself.

The Letgo is a free website that seems to prioritise the user-friendly and visible features of each offer. It seems in my interaction with the website to be more for a portable public than for those on their desktops. Whilst I haven't found a personal purchaser through this website yet, I've been told by others who have been getting very quick results with it - so it' probably pays to at least try to post your property here to see if it gets lots of traffic, whatever your business area.

Letgo has a good review in Apple'sunes, and from what I've seen of the offers I've published on this website, the description and images on a portable screen are rightly much better than when viewed on a desk top (hopefully this will improve because most of the work I do is not on my phone).

Here is a screenshots of what these offers look like on a desktop: The Letgo is one of a kind because the offers are shown to visitors on the basis of their geolocation (which means that purchasers will see your offers when they are in the immediate vicinity... which will not always be the case with properties).

Both the website and the application also have instant messaging features to facilitate communications between shoppers and vendors. Owners. com is a remarkable website for listings of homes primarily because of its target property buyer for target group, along with some of the particular promotional features that come with the website. On this website, vendors have the opportunity to register their property in the MLS for a lump sum (without concluding a deal with an agent).

Admittedly - this added bonus isn't free, but it's a neat little premier utility not available from most of the other plattforms on this page - and given what a massive crowd the MLS is, I thought it would be a good idea to point that out. It is a good choice for those who sell to a target public of property purchasers, and with the useful functions their list building builders allow, I would say that it is definitely rewarding to check them out.

It is another useful website for property listings and one of the most important property buyer target groups. It also gives vendors the opportunity to have their property listed on the MLS for a lump sum without having to sign a deal with a realtor, which is another remarkable characteristic that most property listings don't put on the tables.

With Fizber, my only true grievance was that the site did not allow vendors to register property with a price of less than $25,000 (which looks like a chance number that serves as land). Deals on Fizber are fairly simple, and like most of the pages on this page - they are focused on homes with enhancements.

This site receives a considerable amount of visitor activity (as it focuses exclusively on the property industry), but it is not quite the same as Zillow or Craigslist. Overall, it is not a poor way to work, especially if you are interested in passing on your offers to the MLS.

Of what I've seen, Oodle probably has the most rationalized procedure for registering a property for sale. Oodle is the one that has the most efficient procedure for registering a property for selling. There is no need to browse through the page to page detail to publish a property. Real estate vendors can fill out a basic submit application to get their complete offer assembled and published in seconds (and it's especially quick if you've already prepped the offer information and simply copy it from another source).

Somehow for some reasons it was marked automaticly and removed all my offers almost immediately after post.... which was a bit of a problem. I' m still not sure why it did that - but I guess it was because my offers were all for empty country, and these objects usually have no checkable road adress.

However, if you can actually get your offers published successfully - the advertisements do a good job emphasizing all the important detail in the smallest area. Maybe the most remarkable thing about Oodle is that these listings are supposed to be syndicated with Redfin - so if you posted a list on Oodle, you would also get some remarkable exposure to another huge crowd of property purchasers.

Overall, I like how Oodle makes it quite fast and easy to create a list, and syndicating with Redfin is another big sales argument for the website. Suppose you can get the site to keep your ad running without marking it and deleting it (which unfortunately was a big barrier for me), it's a neat little market to get some extra attention for your ad.

I' d never even listened to Asset Column until I really began looking for free property listings sites. It' s a fairly well crafted site, the site as a whole looks great and makes the whole creation of an offer very simple. Some of the site's singular functions I liked, such as how it indicates the below value percent of each property's value, and the simple and celebrity community share button.

Altogether, it seems like a rather neat place to publish property offers. As with most free listing pages, the file is not necessarily optimised for empty plots (such as the types I usually sell), but it is certainly possible to work within the parameter they give you (Pro Tip:

In the first stage, when you ask for an adress.... you can also type in the GPS co-ordinates of your property (if it does not have a GPS adress yet). SearchMyRoof does a fairly good job by compiling a beautiful list containing all the essential detail in an easy-to-understand form.

It' not a very complicated procedure to build an ad, and the site doesn't attract much attention - but it is a relatively target group oriented target group of property purchasers that the site can be a worth your attention and your while. The two things I liked about this site was the fact that people are able to add YouTube video to any entry AND set a hyperlink to external sites (something I wish all sites offering offers would allow).

FindMyRoof also allows users to click on the "Flyer" buttons in each offer and create a beautiful printed copy of each advertisement. Okay, now that we've got my latest "Top 10" coverage in place, I notice that some guys are still looking for more places to publish their property ads for with those guys in the back of my head, I've been spending some quality browsing the web to find an extended roster of sites that offer that kind of capability.

But before you try any of these sites, let me be clear - I haven't used all of these sites and I'm not very comfortable with how they work (including the question of what kind of humans they run and/or what kind of humans they run through every day). I don't necessarily support or recommend that you use these sites, this is just a centralised listing of what else there is (note: this information was last refreshed in mid-2017), so you can examine it yourself and determine if it's right for you.

AddLandPro allows people to place free small advertisements, free small advertisements locally and free on-line promotional offers with on-line commercial advertisements or small advertisements. The Yakaz is a small ad finder for all your Yakaz listings. The USFreeAds is another remarkable small ad site that attracts tens of millions of visitors every year. The FreeClassifieds is another free website that lets you do just about anything you want to do.

They can place free of charge small advertisements and also look for free small advertisements. This is another US-based small ad site that you can use to buy, buy, resell or buy. Like the other small ad sites, this is another catch-all site with which we have sold all kinds of articles.

The Kedna is a free small ad website for the placement of free advertisements on-line with photographs and video for homes for rent, automobiles, job offers and more. AdGlobe is an advertising portal for on-line advertisements in the areas of job, property, rentals, automobiles, service, sales, travelling, event, pets, shop and communities. Like the name suggests, the is a huge on-line trading place where you can almost anything you want to yours.

It is primarily a dealer advertising and e-commerce solutions aimed primarily at electronic, pet, car, computer, property and more. Hobly is a fairly large classifieds site that attracts thousands of unique users each year. Humans use this website to resell art, literature, clothes, electronics, home and gardens, domestic animals, homes, automobiles and more.

penny saverUSA is another everyday classifieds site where you can find free of charge entries posted on-line, get vouchers and other interesting offers. claims that you can find all the classifieds in one place. Since you can also place free advertisements, it is probably definitely something to look at.

The Recycler is another on-line marketing tool that links buyers and vendors at the grassroots scale. It is an excellent place to buy and sell automobiles, pet, real property, and more. You can use the ClassifiedClan website to place free advertisements nationwide, nationwide, and on your own computer, and ClassifiedClan calls itself The Home of Free Classified Ad.

AmercianListed offers thousands of secure and locally based small advertisements for vacancies, rental, pets, homes, apartments, homes, automobiles, boats, amenities, entertainment, clothing, furnishings and motorbikes. FreieAdsCity is a free photographic ad website that allows you to publish and search advertisements in the car, property, pet, home furnishings, electronic and more category.

FreAdsTime is a global classifieds site where you can search and publish advertisements with a photograph. The BeatYourPrice is another off-the-shelf classifieds site where you can search and publish offers for free, covering topics such as arts, electronic, jobs, property, and more. The Loot is a fairly well-designed site where you can place free property advertisements and search the site for other options such as job offers, automobiles, real estates, pet supplies, service and more.

One of the first "dot com" businesses in the globe, EPage was established in 1994 as an "Internet only" company to provide its clients with the best ranked and best selling auctionservices. EPage's network has meanwhile expanded to over 850,000 unique users per month and has placed over 3 billion classifieds.

The DomesticSale is a place where you can place US-based classifieds on-line. You can use this place to buy and resell cars, property or general goods. They can use the site to advertise and browse, find a new home, buy a new automobile, find a new job and much more.

Ad-Post is another classifieds site that lets you search and resell all the important classifieds you would find on a classifieds site. The Kugli is another free classifieds site and an online global businesspartnership. You have special classifieds for tens of different classifieds, locally and regionally.

ForFree is exactly what it sound like, a free on-line ad serving service where you can place classifieds. Of what I've seen, it wasn't the most thoughtful website, but it attracts ten thousand of prospective users every there can be some advantage to posting your offers here.

Ablewise is one of the largest commercial ad hosting sites where you can publish free advertisements such as rental, cars, opportunities, goods, service, jobs and more. PurchaseSellCommunity is an on-line on-line on-line municipality, in which you can buy and yourselves your products free of charge and / or open your own on-line Shop. Information is one of the few sites on this expanded listing that focuses specifically on properties.

This site will feature thousands will bring lists of your property in to a reasonable amount of month-goers - so this could be of interest for the particular reason of publishing your property for sale. Your site will be able to offer your property for purchase. The GoldClassifieds website offers free on-line small advertisements, free on-line advertising benefits, as well as free publication and search of on-line small advertisements.

AddFreePosting is another classifieds site that lets you search and advertise all the important classifieds that you would find on a classifieds site. NiceToClassifieds seems to be a fairly simple website, but it could serve the purpose. You can use this plattform to advertise your property without an advert.

HotClassifieds is another fundamental classifieds page. It' s nothing out of the ordinary - just another podium to get more attention for your offers. Another simple (and fairly straightforward) classification page is AdsKeep. There are several property-related classifications on this site and it could be a good place to get in touch with purchasers and vendors.

The SuperAds is a fairly self-explanatory classifieds site. Like the name suggests, Globally Free offers classic ad space from around the globe, so it's not the most centrally located place to get in touch with your buying and selling locals. But if you are looking for more from a truly multinational crowd, it might work well.

The 10DayAds is a free classifieds site for the sale of new or used products and the listings of your company in the USA or around the world, so you can target million of shoppers to help you market your products. But there is one property class that is available, along with all the other, default classes that you would find on a site like this.

The HouseList site has a fairly small public and it doesn't have the most fresh look or feel, but it's an especially dedicated property market public - so it could be a great place to publish your free list. What is BuyandSell a free listings site that opened in 2005 in Toronto, Canada?

Serving customers in over 190 nations and 6 Continents, the site focuses on speeding up trading between purchasers and vendors in every country in the world. Craigslist ClassifiedAds is another free website with a similar look and feeling to Craigslist. There is no obligation to keep an affiliate here, and the advertisements on this site also include a small, friendly enquiry sheet at the end of each offer - so it's one less thing for a prospect to turn to the vendor for more information.

They also allow vendors to hyperlink to third-party sites, which is a neat little additional function that allows you to add additional Traffic to your sales website. There are a few fee -based features on the site, but it also allows the user to publish free quotes (with only one image).

It' not necessarily the most diverse or nicely styled site on this page, but it is another viable and free choice that may make your ad visible to a new public. ReitreeClassifieds is a dedicated property investment listings site (it is not just a collection site that anyone can use for things that have nothing to do with property).

So if you want to address a more focussed public, this might be the perfect place. The Beycome is a property ad website that provides both free and fee-based ads. It makes it very simple to build property ads, adding photographs and highlighting what the functions and detail of each new ad are (and it does a better job than some of the non-specialized sites like Craigslist).

Offers make good use of the available capacity and offer various tab pages for visitors to click and browse for more information. SALEPIDER. com is a free community service to help small and medium sized companies grow their community, contract and supply options, place free classifieds, and get free entry to distribution contacts and opportunity sites.

It' s said to be one of the biggest free of charge networks for shopkeepers, and contains free of charge sale lead and interested party listings, free classifieds, free business directories and free of charge online shopping fora. By the end of the afternoon, I think that the capacity to promote your property to anyone (even if it's just a small fistful of people) without having to pay anything is always something worthwhile.

There is always a little "luck" involved in trying to find the right purchaser at the right moment, and the best way to improve your happiness is to get your property information in front of as many suitable purchasers as possible. Any other FREE property listing sites not listed here?

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