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Complimentary postage

In order to be able to offer free postage, you must insert the first line of the code below into the button code "Add to cart" of this article. In order to receive the free postage quote, please ensure that you use the discount code SSAF during the ordering process. The following shipping charges apply to orders to be shipped within Australia: Postage free for your next online order when you create an online account. The Royal Mail operates a system called Articles for the Blind which enables blind and partially sighted people to send certain mail items free of charge.

Everything shoppers should know about postage and packing

Purchasers should consider the shipping and handling charges, shipping times and other service considerations before bidding on or purchasing an article. Be sure to read the product descriptions thoroughly for more information. How high are the shipping charges? Is the vendor delivering to my region? If I need the article, can I get it?

Vendors sometimes quote 2 or more shipping methods. Accelerated shipping usually cost more, but can be useful if you need the product immediately. If I buy more than one product, can I get a postage rebate? How much shipping and handling does the vendor have? On the same working date that you purchase your product, if the vendor is offering same date shipping, the vendor will ship your product on the same working date that you purchase your product, provided the vendor has received your money within the specified cut-off period.

Tip: Symbol means that you should receive the product free within 3 business days shipping and handling information from the vendor.

Get free shipment at your favorite retail locations

We introduce Shipster, a new free (literally) subscriptions program that lets you buy from over 40 merchants worldwide. Receive free shipment for qualifying1 purchases, with the first two free monthly and then $6.95 per monthly. Quite often, when you buy on-line, the cost of the article you want to buy is not a real indication of how much you will end up with.

Many times, the charges for the shipment of your new purchase from stock and the shipment to you are added when you go to the on-line check out. Confronted with the option of having to pay extra postage or buy more items to cut postage charges, this on-line business doesn't look so great anymore.

If you shop relatively often on-line, these additional expenses can really accumulate in the course of the year. Once you have logged in, your Shipster Money Deposit Card balance is set to use for qualifying orders totaling $25 or more and less than $20 delivery charges.

Hop aboard to take full benefit of Shipster's free two-month test drive. When shopping on-line at merchant locations, simply make sure you use the same e-mail addresses that you use to sign in to Shipster. There is no need to add a unique identifier to your order, you will get free shipment for qualifying1 purchases based on your associated e-mail as well.

Postage free on qualifying1 ( of course ) purchases of tens of the most popular shops across a wide variety of different product lines, from fashions to animal products. And the more you buy on-line, the more cash you can safe. You will also receive one free shipment for one qualifying Deliveroo order per months2.

How can I buy? There are so many opportunities with over 40 (and growing) favorite Aussie and foreign merchants working with Shipster. Buy from favorite retail outlets and varietal dealers such as Myer, Target and Harvey Norman. Best in beautiness and care is backed by big-name brands like Clinique, Adore Beauty and MAC, while athletic guys can take advantage of free postage from Running Bare and Athlete's Foot.

Shipster opens a whole range of on-line shops from Kogan to Booktopia to Typo, allowing you to cut down on postage so you can pay your way for something you really want (or need). The complete listing of retailer participants can be found here.

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