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Many free classifications in India. Advertisements can be viewed by any website visitor, although only members can request a free ad. Administer all ads through your personalized dashboard. Complimentary offers for high quality work at an affordable price. Can I place a free ad?

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Free-of-charge online classifieds

Everybody wants to get something for nothing, and that is now possible thanks to the free classifieds placed by," said Dianne Wheeler, the head of communities. Simply go to, click on the collection area that applies to your article (comics, music, sports, militaria or antiques and collections), the play for sale. planned to come to this year, Wheeler said. amateurnews and more.

CLICK HERE to place your free classifieds (or a search ad) and sell your Collectables.

Farm Equipment & Agricultural machinery

100% FREE TO LOOK UP AND SALE! PURCHASE & SALE antique agricultural machinery, old machines and rustic collectibles! - Introduced in 1999, as one of the first free online classifieds sites for the purchase and sale of new or used agricultural equipment and related articles. Sold all you want!

When you want to resell an Ag related article that is an ancient or collectable exhibit, we suggest you use our "sister" page. Our website was created in 2006 and was the first free online classifieds/wishlist website focused solely on PURCHASING and SHELLING ancient agricultural implements, collector's barn finds and other ag-related rusted bullion.

Sold all you want! Machines and agricultural machines promoted on this website must be antiquarian or considered veteran collectors. When you have an Ag article for sale that is NOT an old fashioned product, we suggest that you visit our "sister" page.

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