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The MagicYellow is a free online directory to list your company. You can read my whole article if you want to read what I think about submitting to business directories: When you are dissatisfied with the number of visitors to your art website, here are some free online directories where you should have your art website listed immediately. This local business listings are a good start for marketing any business online. Find out how online directories can help your local business be found.

There are 7 free online directories for your company' s website.

It is a great way to market all kinds of companies. Big companies spend billions of dollar each year on online advertising. However, for small scale companies with small budget it can be hard to be found on the web. It is a good way to encourage the development of locally based companies, and many online directories provide free listings.

There are 7 online directories that all should use to find your company: Big Buddy in the locale listing room and if you don't want to place your company with any other listing, you MUST place it with Google. As you may have already noted, Google Maps offers are displayed in regular Google queries....

Googles makes Google Maps records available for businesses when individuals use place names in their browsing. Google Map lists are created for some Google valued locations, even if you didn't include a particular site in your request. Your company can profit strongly from a top rankings by being listed on Google Maps.

While Google doesn't tell you how to top the ranking for your catchwords, it does involve some technologies that are thought to work: Google Maps is a must for any company and only takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Use Google Maps to track your company. Free of charge. This can be beneficial to your company by making use of your free of charge entry.

Recently upgraded in appearance, TruLoc has become an elegant, user-friendly folder. As of the date of the letter, TruTrueLocal strongly advertises on Google through its sponsorship offers, which means that locals can profit from this advertisement without the surcharge. Real locale bid evaluations, cards and cell application.

Trutellocal is sharing its offerings with Yahoo7 and Navman and offers even greater presence to locals. In addition, you can even give your own ranking to your favourite Google site. Enumerate your company with LocalLight. Trueloc offers four different kinds of lists - Free, Basic, Priority and Premium.

The Hot Frog is another yellow pages belonging to a large company (Reed Publishing). A major advantage of Hot Frog Listingings is that they seem to work very well in the Google browser. Some companies where their Hot Frog list surpasses their own website on Google for important catchwords.

So the more attention you can get in the web sites, the better, so Hot Frog is another list that' s really valuable. A further advantage is the enormous amount of popularity Hot Frog draws - over 2. The Hot Frog provides cards and allows companies to post messages and media announcements.

A disadvantage of Hot Frog is that it distributes sponsorship over your entire supply page. There are 12 sponsorship link or ad banners in the above example that share the page of this transaction entry (not all are shown in the image). And the best way to do that is to run a Google Adwords promotion and make sure you focus on the Google Search Network.

Affiliated hyperlinks appearing on Hot Frog are provided by Google. Yellow Pages have reacted very slowly to a shifting environment in which humans now leave their mouses to walk rather than their hands. Yellow, which belongs to Sensis (Telstra), has started to see the lights and has made some changes.

The big flaw of late among them was that their online listing was shut down for Google, which means that they wouldn't appear anywhere in a Google browser, such as Hot Frog and Trueloc listings. However, this is now a different story and Google is showing offers in yellows.

Google's relation to Google is two-way. When you are listet in Gelb, you are added to Google Maps by default. However, you should still make a Google Maps entry, but at least if you have a Google Maps entry in your Google Maps list, it will appear in both directories. The additional benefit of a colored entry is that it appears in the printed folder, in the online folder and in the new mobile folder.

The yellow colour is still very costly if you pass the very simple free offer. Name your company in yellow. Aussi Web is an independent web site with over 1 independent web site locator. Two million entries. In fact, you may be the only provider.

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