Free Local Business Advertising

Complimentary advertising for local businesses

Visitors can advertise to increase their offers, publish blogs and benefit from free marketing tools aimed at building their business. But you can't forget to advertise near you. Growing with local online advertising. Basic listings are FREE and include the following features:. Complimentary advertising in business directories is worth spending your time on.

As your small business can get completely free advertising on Google Places, Yahoo! local, Bing and hundred of local directories and niche sites.

While Google now allows companies to conceal their addresses, there are some serious disadvantages to doing so, so it's best if you have or can get a real adress that you can use - preferably in the middle of the geographical position you want to get to - optimal near the city centre in the nearest Metrozone.

When our store is more than 25-50 nautical miles away from a big town, but you want a store from that town, you really need a retailer or at least an adress and a seperate telephone number in that town. In most local directories, the standard range is 25 mile and the limit someone can look for is usually 50 mile.

A key reason for submitting your bids via UBL is that trusting Google puts your business at risk. Their algorithms are constantly evolving to favour big brand names and force small companies from the front page. Whilst it may seem great that you can only optimise for Google and get 60-98% of your Traffic from them, it means that if your offer slides or vanishes, you will loose 60-98% of your Traffics, Lead and Sale at once.

The case study I quoted in this article found that they received 96% of their traffic from Google before I created their UBL lists, and after their lists were alive for 17 month, they received 75 visits from other sites per 100 from Google. If Google now dropped its offer, they would not loose 96% of all data- they would keep 37.5% of their visitor-base.

Need to check their stats and see if there has been any increase in visitor numbers from all other sites. There' s not a single stream of revenue that replaces what Google sends to most companies today, so business owner can't even afford complacency and expect the revenue to never go away.

It' s happening regularly and you can NOT always buy spare web site content through Google AdWords - and even if you can, it can be so costly that it won't make a living. Not only do I recommend that you be ranked or optimise your Google Places list.

Your company's viability may hinge on it. By the way, >Yahoo Local is far ahead of Google Places in business searches.

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