Free Local Advertising for small Businesses

Local free advertising for small businesses

Often local marketing can be cheaper than massive online campaigns. Is there a better way to place local ads than in the immediate vicinity?" When you get these things under control, you're ready to advertise. "As Claude describes, he used newspapers, radio, television and commercials to promote his company.

Yahoo still gives you a free business entry on Yahoo.

Believe it or not, every 8th search in the US is still conducted through Yahoo, so you want your local company to be adequately present. While Yahoo has undergone many bewildering changes lately, the good thing is that you can still get a free local entry.

Early this year, Yahoo heralded that it would spin off its small operations into a distinct entity Aabaco. You said the local commercial service would be marketed under the name Luminate. Yahoo then subcontracted the local directory to Yext to make things even more complicated. Luminate is now gone, Yahoo Small business has become Aabaco Small businesses, and Aabaco is outsourcing to Yext to administer the list of local businesses under a single brand name Localworks.

There is only one thing that is important... here is how to get a free local Yahoo entry. Visit Yahoo, look for your company, and you should see a shortcut to "Add or refresh your business". Click on this hyperlink to go to (you can also go directly here if you want).

Fill in your company information and click on "Find My Listings". Next, you can refresh the information about your offer. Finish this page completely...and don't miss to use the same NAP (name, adress, phone) you use everywhere for your work. Then Yext will present you with four remunerated schedules, but directly below these schedules is a small hyperlink that says: "Claim your base entry only on Yahoo"... click on this hyperlink.

You are now on the "Yahoo Basic Listening Checkout" page. Close the check-out and click on "Place order" (free of charge). Just click on the hyperlink, set up a username and passwort and login to your personal area. Finally, check whether you are representing this company. Now you have your free entry on Yahoo claim and can administer it.

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