Free Listing Ads

Advertisements free of charge

Publish or pay for vacancies for free to sponsor jobs and attract candidates faster. Publish above the free offers in the sponsored search results. Do you think nobody clicks on Google Ads? Seasonal and year-round advertising campaigns are available. Advertisement extensions burden your advertisements for product offers.

List of local services free of charge

Check here to see if your company is entitled to take part in local services. So why doesn't my company show up in Local Services? Please note: All locksmiths in the USA and Canada and garages in the USA must meet Advanced Verification to be included in the list.

Find out more about enhanced verify. If my company has not passed the extended review, can it still be displayed in the Local Services area? Any locksmith in the USA and Canada and garages in the USA that participate in advertisements in the local service must undergo an extended inspection. Here you can request the results of your extended review.

What is the classification of companies in the Local Services sector? One of the things that can influence the rankings of your company within the Local Services entity is the following: Where can I find false information about my offer? What can I do to delete my Local Services entry?

Free eBay Listings Permanent, but with advertising

Attempts to allow eBay vendors to include any article without an insert charge seem to have gone so well that the Directive has entered into force permanently. Not only that you end up paying more but also that articles included in the "no insert fee" directive can now contain advertising. eBay said it was changing the directive on its scoreboard:

Reported in September 2011, eBay has tested free insert charges for individual articles in any occasional seller offering formats, up to 30 offers per months. eBay is pleased to make this study lasting and immediately efficacious after receiving positve feedbacks. In order for eBay to be able to provide occasional vendors with free insertions for up to 30 offers per months, eBay will begin placing ads on a specified number of View Item Pages.

Ads will be placed only on the offers of vendors who do not charge an insert commission for their offers and are valid from 23 January 2012. Although you don't cough up in advance, you don't charge any dues for something that isn't sold, but it may be dishonest for eBay to say that it needs publicity to finance the switcher.

Eventually, as we stated when we first announce the directive, if you listed an article without an insert charge, you're giving eBay more cash because the ultimate value charges are much higher. 30 day trial versions are available everywhere today, but they have not quite made their way into the telecommunications age.

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