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Besucher than all owner sites. This one has everything: houses, apartments and helpful information about local brokers. Try it out by creating a FREE demo today. www. Sell your home privately and create a free real estate ad in minutes!

Live the little life: Here's what to consider before you buy a small house. Free-of-charge pages are accessible to everyone.

Common ly asked question about listing your house or property for purchase or rental

AM CAN I SELECT OR LET MY HOUSE WITHOUT HIRING A REALTOR? IS IT POSSIBLE TO LIST MY HOME ON OTHER SITES FOR CLASSIFIED ADS? HOW MUCH DOES IT BUY A FEATURE? Selected offers are available in the Platinum and Gold saleskit. Advantages and prices depend on the desired offer kind.

For more information, please see the page with our offer pricing and package information. MAY I UPDATE MY ENTRY TO GET MORE REQUESTS? WHAT IS THE TIME IT TAKES FOR MY IMMOVABLE TO BE PUBLISHED ON THE WEBSITE? HOW DOES THE PLATE PROMOTE THE BUILDING IN ITS OWN WAY? Our advertising is often on Google, the world's most searched website.

Poster and national print publications are also used from year to year. WHAT DOES IT WAY TOO EXPENSIVE TO ENUMERATE MY HOUSE OR MY DEED? Offering the cheapest costs and the best value for your money home for sale anywhere in Australia! Look at our very humble offer packs and rates, HOW do I HAVE to buy my home?

Payments are made using our secured on-line debit system, which uses the latest safety technologies to safeguard your private information and your personal information. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you with all your offer information as soon as your order is processed. Have a look at the computer on our homepage to see how much you can reduce brokerage and promotional commission.

COULD I STILL HIRE A REALTOR? DO I HAVE THE LIMIT TO MODIFY MY OFFER AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT? In accordance with our General Business Policy, any changes to your listing on Affiliate Sites must be made by us and we must receive prior notice of such changes in writing. A $50 administration charge applies to changes on affiliate sites as everything requires additional processing and we need to recover our expenses.

DO I HAVE TO QUOTE A QUOTE ABOUT THE PR? Yes, you can type in an "Offer by price", but you must specify an "Offer price" in order for your offer to appear in the results of the query. DO I HAVE A PEAK OF " ON REQUEST -POA"? If you want to change the current prices, you can do so by checking the checkbox next to it.

However, you will need to type a quote into the obligatory "quote" box for your quote to appear in your results. However, we may be able to e-mail you after 3 month to confirm that we still need your quote. MORE THAN ONE REAL ESTATE IN MY OFFER?

However, you must obtain an offer for this type of offer on an ad hoc basis. Remember, even if you hire an realtor, you'll still end up covering your own attorney's fees - so do yourself a favor and slice out the middleman! {\POS TER: }HOW DO YOU GUYS GET IN TOUCH WITH ME TO SCHEDULE AN INSPECTION HOUR?

Each real estate ad has a request form. They will e-mail you their contacts and then you call them to arrange a convenient date. They process the requests and guide the persons through the real estate themselves. In your listing, you can record test periods and modify them at any point according to your own timetable.

However, please be aware that any changes you wish to make to the inspections on our affiliate sites will result in a small administration charge. Allows you to use your own Properties Profiles for uploading your pictures.

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