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Geschichte und Profil[edit]>

One of the UK's premier providers of free classifieds, Loot distributes its product via printed media, the web, TV interactivity and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). In March 1985, the newspaper was released on the same color as the Financial Times (i.e. light rose or red salmon) as a means of "buying, selling, or bartering anything" and was printed every Thursday with only 16 pages of advertisements in the first issue, soon raising the number of pages.

LOOT means "Look Out On Thursdays", but later published a Monday issue on tabloid white papers. In the first few weeks, LOOT's policies were to have a front page personal message board titled 100, which continued on page 2, which had nothing to do with the sale and included news from individuals who began to use different stage or " LOOT " designations (e.g.

But after a few month this switched to the 900 near the background columns, along with other personality or societal category such as Announcements, Campaign/Lobby and Lonely Hearts. LOOT Night Out" (LNO) was first staged in September 1985 at a location in north-west London known as " The Production Village", where recruiters could gather each other and some of the employees in the "Personal Messages" section.

It was followed by some major "LOOT Nights Out" organized by the journal itself, in which a greater proportion of LOOT readership participated, and then smaller meetings organized by recruiters in the Personal News section. The LOOT began with the publication of three weeklies, then it rose to five weeklies, each on a different colored sheet of newsprint, among them bright lime and the more commonly used in whites like most newpapers.

1988 he founded a Manchester issue, which was followed by other local issues. One point was the launch of Loot's free advertising campaign in 20 issues per week across the UK (including national issues such as Essex and Kent), with a print run of approximately 180,000 units per week in 1994. Under the leadership of London's then Booty CEO Graham Tolhurst, quickly became one of the world's biggest on-line markets, with more than 1.5 million on-line advertising items per month in 1999.

Since February 2012, Loot has been appearing three times a week in London and Manchester and a week in Liverpool; two trade journals, Loot Recruit and Jobs Week, are also appearing once a week in the London region and Bargain Pages in the West Midlands. The website,, generated around 24 million page views per month and had 557,000 unique visitors following an ABC review in March 2009.

Loot Group was acquired by[3] in June 2000, but the firm was compelled to divest the book just 14 month later with a huge defeat to Daily Mail and General Trust[4][5], and Loot became a subsidiary of Associated New Ventures, presenting personal and commercial ads in over 600 rankings.

It was acquired by DMGT of Printing Investments Ltd. in 2010[6] by merging the book with Buy&Sell, an Ireland classified ad book previously held by Loot.

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