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Advertisements that will soon appear on your instrument panel - Neaked Sicherheit

Driver of the wolrd, you need a pick. They may not know that you need a piece of ice cream, but their Internet-connected car may soon think that they actually need a piece of ice cream. Yes, you may soon see on-dashboard adverts and vouchers for your next picza business (unless you glide over cash) for an ad-free travel adventure.

On Thursday, the car technology company Telenav advertised an "in-car advertising platform" for Internet-enabled vehicles. You' re just gonna romp around in your lixus without seeing advertisements for little caesar's pizza? You only have to spend more on interconnected car service when you retire from marketing. The Silicon Beat newspaper was quoting a Telenav spokeswoman:

As a reward for taking advertisements in cars, the driver benefits from accessing associated free of charge subscriptions and new driver experience through focused and pertinent offerings provided on the basis of information from the car. We' re talkin' about taking all the good things (the consumption habits, the site service, the computing tool) and merging it all together so you have the clout to give advertisements to the customers that they actually want.

It'?sizza. but Telenav saw that you were about to go through a pizzeria, so you did. As Telenav points out, on the really convenient, low-carbohydrate side, knowing your car where you are can be useful when combined with knowing you're running out of fuel.

Translated from his news article about what is known as the In-Car Advertising Platform SDK: Pertinent advertisements such as vouchers and referrals are sent to clients on the basis of information from the car, which includes frequent itineraries, goals and times of day. For example, you can encourage a driver to collect a reduced-price piece of food on the way home or to find out about selling it in shops near your final point of use.

Furthermore, with low fuel consumption, the rig points to near stops along the driver's itinerary, possibly with discounts. In Telenav's words, in order to make sure that saliva driving operators don't wind themselves around phone masts that are deflected by all the chatter about having pizzas, displays only appear when the car is pulled over, be it when the car is started, at set of stop signals, or on arriving.

One Telenav spokesman for Silicon Beat said that most advertisements would be stationary, with some motion graphics they would have dropped, but they would not contain sound. Telenav speaker Silicon Beat said that Toyota, Lexus, Ford, GM and Cadillac already use the company's interconnected car product line.

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