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I would like to present here an amazing FREE marketing platform for any company. BOGOF (Buy One, Get One Free) is a frequently used special offer. When you think that your small business "can't afford marketing", you may even be wrong. Tracking features with Google advertising are a big plus for small businesses. Little entrepreneurs are still a big target for fraudsters.

What you can do to support your small business: Index of free small business promotion articles and tips from Tom Egelhoff

What you can do to support your small business: These are full-length items that will help you develop your small business. It will be a steadily increasing area as more items are added. Below are tips of the week or month about promotion and are brief thoughts to help you get more information about the topic under discussion.

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Free 10 ways to advertise your company online

Don't give away sponsoring the days for free, but you might get a good presentation for a very small one. When you are successfull, you will get your graphics for one tag on the homepage, and your promotion will be forwarded to all sponsors the days fans on Facebook. Every land-based company should be on Google Local.

Tight integration with Google Maps makes Google Local a great way to get your business to show up for Google search. It will take longer to complete your business, sometimes dependent on the verification methodology used (phone call is smart, mail is slower), after that you usually have to delay a few week, but it's rewarding today.

Yet another powerful and multinational business listings site. The HotFrog is a beautiful, easy to use business listings (not reviews) website that is operating in several different markets around the globe, to include the UK and Australia. Windows Living Location Center is also free and has a suitable range. Microsoft's Windows Live Locally Listings Center services, introduced in October 2007, allow business users to easily include their business information in Microsoft Business Directory and Virtual Earth.

Yahoo Locale, like the People's Guide, is a combination site for business entries and peer reviewed communities, organized by site and group. Quite neat and well-designed website that is certainly going to be valuable to expand your brick and grout business when your town is presented. Please be aware that if you receive feedback about Yahoo! Locals, companies with higher feedback will receive higher offers.

There is a free entry on the big US site. Provides free publicity only for the first 60 trading day. Principally prime results ad serving, similar to AdWords, the free 60-day free evaluation version is definitely value to be used. Since 1996, AdlandPro seems to provide free and fee-based marketing for small companies.

Enables you to place free advertisements in classified advertisements and communities, as well as in a "Free Traffic Exchange" system that looks a little more risky. In the Squidoo net, a variety of objectives provide the possibility to include a free hyperlink to your website. Remember, a lots of folks sell commercials on eBay.

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