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Two weeks: 6 Week 10'Battle Royale' 6 Week Week Free Banner Position

It' s the last weekend of the sixth campaign, and before the seventh season' snowstorm starts, the match is going to throw a throw. At least after the loader. After defeating all the trials of the 10th of Fourteen weeks (see this one), the load display shows a big wave that no one else is leading as DJ Yonder.

There is also the place where the cube came out for the first time. Yeah, it's another banner, the last of the year. It' a DJ Yonder banner, as you might be expecting. Go exactly to the point of intersection of all the different co-ordinates, which is a point westward from where the cube appears in the black circles that used to be a cactus ring.

This is what the banner looks like when you get there and have mastered all the challenges: It was an interesting saison because every weekend we switched between free Schlachtpass animals and free of charge buses, which gave 10 full laps of concealed load screens, as compared to seven laps last year.

Hopefully this will go on like this, although frankly I wouldn't care if there were combat round stages every ten week because the Lords know that I need all the help I can get to a high maximum level and I would appreciate that. If Epic liked the way it went, we could see the same thing for the new campaign.

Load monitors are also the keys to narrating Fortnite's "story", as we've seen in everything from missile launches to the Cube, and now the last few months have seen the AIM robotic system introduced, so it's likely to be a big part of the seventh year. The 7th seasons will probably include a number of ice-covered cargo displays and concealed prices, given the indications of what's up.

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