Free Advertising on the net

Free-of-charge advertising on the net

Art of receiving free advertising is to turn advertising texts into "news". Promote your publicly available tendering opportunities on Australasia's largest tendering network free of charge to you and your suppliers. Recommendations and repeat sales are great and free ways to win loyal customers. Post an ad on the pay-per-click advertising network.

Not often do I advocate ad spending - but this Impression Builder is priceless.

What can it be for free?

What can it be for free? Chargeable upgrade options are available, which our free vendors can choose to receive in order to offer a full tenders alert guarantee to you. With Net, we save the amount of effort we would have put into trying to find and add your own chance. Rather than "double-dipping" and burdening both sides, we say "thank you" and offer you this free of charge feature.

that you' re not the same as everyone else and you' re not your chance. We offer you many functions that offer you more functions and better tailor each ad to your particular needs. Promote your chance with the right functions, just the way you want.

network participants or only available for your directly loaded vendors. You can release this occasion immediately or postpone it to a certain date. The provision of your bidding materials to your supplier is simple. Accompanying your ad, you can send us information so that your supplier can either fill in an enquiry or send you a copy for downloading.

It is easy to keep your supplier up to date. Do you need to add new documents as supplements or modify the ad detail, e.g. prolong the close date? With our automatic system, you can quickly and easily notify your vendors of any changes you make to your ads. Vendors may refuse to receive these upgrades if they are no longer interested.

Having an eTender is a great way to speed up and simplify your bidding processes. Getting your entries submitted online eliminates the effort of having to deal with a manual RFx submission but retains the advantages. Each submission to the User Box remains secure and encoded until the end of the bidding procedure and is approved by you, the advertisers, each time.

Best way to avoid others asking the same thing over and over again is to share the issue and its response at a tender board for your occasion. You are the only one who can contribute information to this board, but any vendor can ask a query that you can reply to. In this way, vendors get the responses to all their queries in one simple place and you are no longer overwhelmed with them.

We offer our full range of advertiser services a complete bid invitation auditing system via our bid activation report. No matter what your actions, interactions and changes to any of your options are logged, these are activities that can be seen on-line or downloadable for your use.

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