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Gain free advertising budget for one year! Type in to win money and prizes to revise your advertising account for paid search engines. Fourteen Free Advertising Techniques They don't necessarily have to give up the bench for advertising. There are many websites - such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - that give your business the opportunity to advertise its goods and service without having to spend a fortune. What's more, you can advertise your company's website on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In order to find out what works, we asked 14 YEC businessmen to participate on the best free advertising platform.

Mr. Gerber is the founding member of the Young Enterprise Council (YEC), an organisation made up of the world's most talented young people. Find out more at Gerber is also a TV series businessman, TV frequent contributor and writer of Never Get a "Real" Job.

Advertising free of charge for small businesses: Join in to earn a $25,000 DMM makeover.

The $25,000 Marketing Makingover competition is now over. How would you make $25K in free advertising dollars? If you had $25,000 in free advertising money that you could be spending on a full PPC rebuild, what would happen? Describes the five most important ways small companies can refurbish their PPC account to get better results with Google AdWords.

Typically a small company will waste about 25% of its yearly PPC advertising budgets. Dependent on the verticals, these 25% of wasteful expenditures add up to a multitude of missed deals, disposals and leads: Getting more work done in your PPC accounts is probably the simplest way to enhance your results.

SMB AdWords does not have a lot of money to spend on the development of its products: By 2013, the typically small AdWords ad server has two ad campaign and 212 ad words, but only: 9 ad groups, PPC advertising, regardless of the scale of their company, need to perform intelligent ad research that focuses on ad relevancy and ad expansion: Perform a long tail search on the keyboard.

One out of 5 small AdWords account does not contain a minuscule word. Insufficient numbers of catchwords, insufficient numbers of bad catchwords and wrong use of catchword matching styles result in high spending.

Unfortunately, the lower your scores, the more you get paid - the quality value for small companies is on 5 landings pages are the way you pass the finishing line in PPC and persuade your visitors to do the conversion. Entrepreneurs do not close the deals because the optimisation of the page is bad:

More than 25% of PPC users are sending all their PPC data to a destination page. One out of 5 small companies sends all their PPC mouse klicks to the homepage. Fewer than half of small companies have implemented version-tracking. It is now opportune to find out about the possibilities of advertising on the move. But small companies still don't make the most of it: mobility:

Just one in 20 SME account has established call extension in all its campaign mobiles (increasing CTR by 10%). Less than 20% of AdWords subscribers have advertisements favored by cell phones.

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