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Homeowners are being deceived into paying tens of thousands of dollars off needless property advertisements through a system known as Vendor Pays advertising (VPA). Property promotion has achieved records since the system was introduced. In the meantime about twentyfold as much advertisement is made, but the number of the sold has not increased noticeably.

Since salespeople started paying the bill, sales people have been enthusiastic about advertisements. No matter what you do, don't be fooled by the error of passing tens of millions of dollars on to an advertisement salesman. A golden rule of real estate promotion is that you don't have to pay a lot of cash to advertise to buy your house.

There' three ways an agent advertises. Agent claims advertisements attract shoppers. Most of it is a complete flop. Of course, the feds won't tell you that. Behind the curtain, however, they all know the actual meaning of publicity, as these words from the New South Wales Institute of Public Works prove:

"No advertisements shall be placed to advertise the object for resale. According to one of the sources, only 6 per cent of the advertisements result in the succesful selling of the respective property. Vendors may be alerted to the fact that the advertisements they pay for have little opportunity to resell their property. "Your primary purpose for publicity is not publicity for your home.

It'?s about promoting the spy. Most of all property adverts are named after the name of the property management company. Operators want to make themselves look good. You call the "profile", which is a big term in the property industry. One of the statements made in a quotation from the Royal Institute of Victoria is: "The more adverts you place with your name on it, the more successfully you will look.

Bonuses are available for those with the most ads. Several hundred telefaxes are sent from the central office of the network, which asks the sales staff in the branches to do more publicity and to hit the other networks: "We have to increase our profile" is the permanent mess. You can have dinner galas with prices for sellers who have made home sellers spend the most dollars on publicity.

The Real Estate Institute in New South Wales hosts an evening meal every year hosted by the Sydney Morning Herald. During a sparkling evening of ceremony, agencies are honored for their "image" and "marketing campaigns" with a series of accolades. Prices are trophy and free ad spaces for the agent.

A furious homeowner who was losing 7,000 dollars by publicity for his house, which could not be sold, asked this question: "How come property institutions have won accolades for publicity and not for customer satifaction? Agent seldom recruit to draw shoppers. Remove the ads and the shoppers won't go away. lf the operatives want to make publicity, make them buy it.

{\pos (192,210)}The price of publicity is too high because operatives do too much of it. It'?s the agents' guilt. Often agent carries a copy of their advertisement to make an impression on you in the hopes that you will find it a success. "Recognition is reality," is a sentence that can often be overheard in the property industry.

Don't let the "look" of a realtor fool you. Beware of any agency with a large number of ads. "Who' pays for this commercial? Some of the biggest property industry scandals are brokers who take cash from tens of vendors in the same area for publicity that draws the same people.

Vendor A is paying an agency $5,000 and vendor B is paying the same agency $5,000. Every cottager buys. House sellers often make a thousand payments to a real estate broker and get nothing back because that cash is actually spent, regardless of whether their house is sold or not and regardless of the selling prices.

Twenty-five largest agencies - in expenditure-wise - promoting The Melbourne Age annually spends more than $20 million in homeowner dollars. In some areas, the per-house advertisement costs could soon amount to an annual $10,000 on medium. Throughout Australia, vendors are being robbed of publicity expenditure. A " high-calibre " Melbourne agency bragged during dinner that he had received $14,000 from a house seller while knowing of a specific purchaser for her house.

Particularly worrying about this history is that this agency later became president of the Royal Institute of Victoria. "The only way to avoid being tricked into paying publicity costs is to never give cash to an agency until your house is for sale. When consumer protection inquiries can be made in other sectors, why is the property sector ignored?

You don't know what happens "behind the scenes" at the lunches and in the property schoolrooms. "These " profiles operatives will argument that they're doing nothing unlawful. Contact us to find out more about the latest industry news and terms, as well as sales and rentals in your area.

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