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A franchise directory with hundreds of available franchise opportunities for sale, arranged alphabetically. Find out about new franchise opportunities and new business development opportunities for existing franchise brands in a variety of niches and locations. ((i) the franchise and (ii) the 'business opportunity'. Here is a complete list of possible franchise ideas to discover. Legislation has not given all state securities agencies legal authority over franchises and business opportunities.

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CAUTION: Due to popular request, this is only for QUALIFIED contestants who can get started immediately and have $20,000 Liquid Capital! Purchase a franchise today and become your own manager. Search our frachises by sector, degree of investments, locations and more. A franchise is a license provided by a business (the franchisor) that enables a third person (the franchisee) to do business using the franchisor's business structure and name.

Franchising companies are advantageous for budding businessmen as they enable the businessman to minimise start-up cost and the overall risks of setting up a business independently. In addition, franchise companies are advantageous to the franchiser as they provide an easy way to extend the business to new geographic areas.

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It is difficult to set up a company. Let a franchise grow, manage its day-to-day business at the same time, keep it profitably and still get enough rest? Today, some companies, like many consumers, offer something like a "plug-and-play" solution: a franchise. Do you think you' re right for a franchise? A recognisable trademark, a ready-made business blueprint and trainings can help you take advantage of your markets demands without having to spend long years (and a great deal of money) to build your business and your trademark.

For one thing, if you are thriving on seeing your name in highlights and making ALL business decisions while you remain totally independently in your work, and you are not too focused on spending a few (more than a few) additional dollars on franchise franchises then you cannot franchise for yourself, and you can probably skipping the remainder of this pole.

Let's start by talking about the dollar and the cent before we start discussing the franchise selection process. Remember that your expenses don't just involve the company's expenses before it becomes profit. The franchise fees are very different. Starting from only a few thousand dollar up to million of start-up investments and running expenses, according to branch and completeness of the business "package".

To say nothing of how big and powerful the name is. If you choose a franchise in which you want to make an investment, you need to find out whether you have the necessary resources to buy. Maybe you need to take out a business loan, and there you have to crack the numbers.

By the end of the daily workday, it is up to you to determine whether the amount of your valuable resources and your investment of effort are the best you can make. Hundreds of thousand licensees compete for prospective licensees in different sectors and geographical regions. To join a company you believe in, or to sell a good thing you like to market, is much better than to work in a company that is against what you are.

If, for example, you are hypersensitive to the dog, then portable pets care facilities might not be the perfect item for you to join. Possessing a franchise can be a great opportunity to turn a pastime into a business profit or to acquire a new ability that you will associate with. Purchasing into a franchise is not an easy choice, and as we have already mentioned - there are a lots of number processing and many issues to ask.

What kind of assistance and coaching does the franchise have? As well as detailed googling of trademark and corporate valuations, you want to talk to other Franchise Owners who are working with the business. Don't neglect to verify whether the franchise is party to legal actions or has reported experiencing difficulties.

It is a long checklist, but you can begin with the IFA FAQ. By 2016, the franchise classes that showed the greatest increase were fastest growing, quick foods, dry cleaners, Hairstyling and gyms. However, your decision on the make should not be solely predicated on rate of increase and appeal.

However, which brand is most likely to excel in high-growth category? Even though the big and big franchise companies like McDonald's and KCF still govern the country, the healthcare trends seem to be working and instead of deep-fried franchises instead of eating fresh bread and salad, it'?s the turn of men to move to big and big restaurants. Franchise that is over 30 years old and has tens of millions of stores across America that sell quick and tasty sands.

It just keeps growin'. This is probably due to the franchise company's comprehensive assistance and close cooperation with the franchisors who lead them to succeed. JJ's had its fair share in poor popularity in 2015-6: from its proprietor, who hunted vulnerable wildlife, to a lady who claimed she had become dumbfounded after eating a JJ's sandwhich, but it still leaves a very powerful franchise that will probably be able to throw controversies in the rearview mirrors and perhaps even teach the necessary lesson.

The 50-year-old mark with subsidiaries in over 100 different nations could meet this demand. A further clear indication that the healthcare trends are getting better is the further expansion of gyms and gyms. There' no lack of exercise franchise out there, each with its own little trick. It is a globally present trademark with a truly comprehensive affiliation that allows clients to visit the nearest physical studio to their location, at home or on the move.

When you don't like a conventional fitness studio and have dreamed of doing dance with the stars, this is your opportunity to join a franchise that provides a funny way to compete against the studio world. Franchise companies are also taking over the beauty and cosmetic sector, with hairstyling playing a pioneering role.

This franchise's expansion has been strongly driven by their drive to get franchise holders to grow their businesses. There are so many Supercuts customers who own more than one shop, sometimes even up to five of the different Regis Corp. brand names. Among the things they provide is a programme that allows you to buy a franchise without having to quit your daily work.

The franchise for commercial and private household cleaners will be further expanded in 2018. This is because with so many service and repair companies, locals are looking for reliable brand owners when they let outsiders into their houses or office with brushes. Unless you're scared to calm down and get soiled, Servpro is one of the world' largest companies in the field of home and business emergency cleanup and restoration. says this 2016 franchise was the most rapidly expanding in all sectors. This is quite amazing for a franchise with a small start-up capital outlay ( only $4,000 or so). The Jan-Pro also offers a great opportunity for vets to join efforts - up to 20% off the franchise price.

Just as with dry cleaners, when you let a foreigner into your house, confidence is even a big topic here. Right at Home is expected to grow by at least 14% over the next five years, according to Forbes. Even though the starting capital expenditure is quite high, the firm is recommending a $150,000 cash flow floor limit, hotels and hospitality are still a thriving franchise business and this trade name is particularly pronounced in terms of expansion and sizing.

When your business is for hotels, consider Hampton - a burgeoning hospitality business with serious growth ambitions in the US and beyond. Franchise companies flourish in sectors where confidence is an important topic (and where it is not). Here the power of a franchise can really come to bear.

Indeed, as long as you don't do business with rival franchise companies, you could end up with several offices of different brand names.

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