Fold an Envelope

folding of an envelope

On most handmade cards, the envelope should work in invitation format. The only thing you need is some quick origami folds. Slice a fat heart of paper that has a white side and a patterned side - gift wrapping paper works well. Unfold the pages as shown. Pleat the top down just above the centre.

Fold your own envelope - Origami style: The 30 paces

Wrap your own envelope from a solid A4 or letterhead piece. Begin with a piece of A4 or letter-size hard copy and begin with a piece of A4 or letter-size hard copy. No matter what you type on the back of the page, it will be completely included in the finished page.

Fold a corner underneath as shown. Stage 3: Deploy the same corner. Repeat the mirror image. Stage 6: Fold through the center where the fold cuts the intersection of the folds 2 and 4. Stage 7: Deploy everything and start a "butterfly fold" of the leaf as shown. You should end up with what you see here.

Steps 10: Unfold the corner of this newly shaped flap as shown. 11: Same for the other side. Stage 12: Fold the bags, place your fingers in the resulting bag and you should be able to get a box bag. Stage 13: Fold down the sides of this box.

Stage 14: Finishes Stage 13. Stage 15: Like 13th and 14th for the other side. Stage 16: Fold the corner of the new box into the opposite corner. Now get fiddly, Stage 17: The same for the other side. Stage 20: Unfold the whole tab over the top of the cartons you fold in 13 & 14. You have to put this new tab under the tab you fold in 18. Here it is placed under the tab. Here you will seal the envelope later.

Stage 23: Voila. Stage 24: Fold from the sides. Stepping 25: Now fold the edges of these new tracks as shown. again on the other side. this whole new hatch can now be put under your old creases. here it is intuitive. and here it is put. a handy hatch on which you can put your name!

Stage 30: You can approach and postmark the other side and it is legally stamped! is an illustration so you can include your own artwork for printing. pushingtheuvelope.jpg has my waytoon artwork and hopefully should properly write on letterhead in vertical orientation.

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