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Discover who hosts a website. Obtain all the information about hosting companies, what users think about them and take a look at their hosting plans. Discover who hosts a website. Type a domain name or URL to find out which web hosting company is hosting the site.


Type a domainname or uR to find out which web host hosts the site. Browse our data base of over 5000 web hostings. Obtain information about the web host, the IP adress.

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You can also review the list of the best web hosters in the UK. Somebody else has the name of my firm as a comomain name. Perform a Whois domain name lookup and get the information about the actual registerant.

It is the default system for configuring Web application that are housed on Windowservers. Which is a Domainname? Domainname must be unambiguous. Corresponding to a set of numbers referred to as IP numbers, they are used as IP numbers and route numbers on the Web. Domainnames are generally used as a convenience to find information and reach others on the web.

Which is a A Top-Level-Domain (TLD)? TLD is the last part of an online pseudonym. Whats Domains parking?

Which is a Domino Name Service or DNA? Nameservers are the equivalents of the Internets to a telephone directories. There is a name service that manages a list of domains and IP address matches. Once your domains are established, information about your domains name is added to the name servers. Your domains are then added to the name name servers. Usually it will take about 48 hrs for name server in other network to be able to retrieve the information after the central office has received it.

A. These are the name servers on which the data set of your domainname is stored. It is necessary to do this in order to be able to create a registeredomainname. How many signs are there for a given name and how long can it be? Hyphens must not begin or end a Domain Name. About the WHOIS data base

A. Whereis is the concept that refers to who owns a particular name. Searching the World Health Organization (WHOIS) will show you who a particular name is and what its contacts are. What is a World Health Organization (WHOIS) scan like? Â A. Simply enter your domainname in the field above and the domainname information will be displayed.

A. Per default, your contacts information is public when someone performs a weris lookup. You can, however, sign up for a weris security subscription to be able to hide your data. What does ORG mean?

The Top Level Districts (gTLD's) are generically licensed and accessible for official use. Every single TLD is available for registrations by web surfers all over the world. After the expiration of the registry term, a term during which the former holder can update the registry against payment of the corresponding fee to the Registry.

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