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Finding banner ads

No matter if you want to see ads for a specific brand, discover new advertisers or get inspired by innovative creative campaigns, use Moat's Ad Search to find out what's out there and what your competitors are doing. The results are compiled using a Web crawler that is specifically designed to display ads on the Web. The results are compiled using a web crawler specifically designed to search for ads on the web and index them for later retrieval. It's not easy finding people like that. Here we find the fraudulent figures behind today's banner ads.

Tool for espionage of your competitors Display ads

Maybe that's why we're looking for the kind of email management application that makes us feel like we're trying to steal from our rivals. Now, that, and the competition edge we can get. Free softwares are available for PPC and PEO with great espionage titles such as Espionage Glass and Espionage Fu, as well as many other features that don't have great espionage titles, but allow you to observe your competitors' movements as if you were worn a pair of glasses.

Ideally, PPC and PEO utilities can collect information about which of your competitors' headwords they use and which ads they work for in real time. In fact, you can see some of the websites that link to your competitor's target pages. However, most folks don't realise that all this information can be very well applied to a screen ad campaigns or a print purchase.

Imagine - if you had a listing of websites that refer to your competitor's website. Many of these websites not only have the audiences you want to attract, but also the opportunity to make advertisements! Finding out where your competition is buying screen ads, how their ad languages differ by audiences, and most of all, what banner ads work for them has always been one of the greatest competition researches.

Perhaps some of them are more like Austin Powers or Johnny English than James Bond when it comes to espionage in the country of displays and newsrooms. Quit watching "I Spy" play matches with your team in which you are sharing screenshots, urls and memos while you are randomly or painstakingly researching the banner ads of your competitors.

I have to inform you about your next hidden quest... if you are ready to embrace it, before I give you some fun new espionage gadgets to try out. With these new features you can do this: There are three programmes that I have found that are deeply integrated into the competition for text and picture displays in network displays.

Every programme has its own focus on how it presents competition information. Supporting over 40 advertising backbones in multiple jurisdictions, What Runs Where allows you to keep tabs on a competing advertiser roster that notifies you when they add new text or banner ads. AddBeat support all important network and some more (between 25 and 30 advertising networks).

The AdGooroo solution provides support for 14 ad serving sites around the world and provides reliable reports that include historic trend maps. Well since you have some new merchandising badges to toy with, please let me know if there are other utilities out there that have some of the same abilities as these three. Please let me know what you like or dislike about each of these utilities!

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