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Finding Partner Programs

To find these affiliate programs is more word of mouth: you can browse other affiliate sites in your market and see what products they promote, and then see if you can find a link to the affiliate program on the merchant website. Finding Highly Paid Affiliate Programs, Even If You're A Newbie. Affiliate (formerly known as "Commission Junction") Rakuten Affiliate Network (formerly known as "LinkShare") Impact (formerly known as "Impact Radius") ShareASale. A popular option that performs both functions is an affiliate program. When you want to start with affiliate marketing, one thing that you will need to become competent at is how to find affiliate programs that are worth joining.

Finding Affiliate Programs - Detailed Guide

On of the best places to begin to build your affiliate website is by studying what affiliate programs there are. Learn how to find affiliate programs in this unit. We' ll give you a better look at ClickBank, one of the biggest affiliate network on the web and home to some quite highly professional product, and we' ll show you some other network you can try.

The most important thing first: What is an affiliate group? Affiliate networking is the coordinator of the affiliate universe. You will be in charge of coordinating between the merchants and the affiliate, handling payment from the client, tracking affiliate fees and payment from them. They are a very good place to begin when you are looking for affiliate related items that you want to advertise, as many have a listing that you can search for topics.

Let's take a look at such a network: The ClickBank is one of the best affiliate networking sites for online content such as e-books and music. What's good about eBooks and softwares is that they usually have much higher fees than real people. You can probably find out for yourself - there are no production cost per product for softwares and e-books, so dealers don't have to be concerned about affiliate fees that limit their margin.

Fees between 50% and 75% are quite usual for online services. Click ing on "Marketplace" will take you to the ClickBank Affiliate Product Index - where you can search affiliate programs by topic: The ClickBank provides some stats about affiliate programs in their offerings. Agg %/Rebill = This number is only displayed if the supplier is offering repetitive bill items and indicates the mean percentage fee for this part of the revenue.

High weight items have many partners who make cash by reselling them, while low weight items have fewer partners who sell them. Just take this number with a granule of brine, as it is open to tampering, but in general you will probably want to look at items that have a reasonable amount of affiliate sales, as this of course means that they make good business.

Registering as a ClickBank partner is a fairly simple process: click on the "Sign Up" button at the top of the page, fill in the necessary information, click "Submit" and obey the directions from there. As soon as you have your ClickBank ID, you can advertise any of the products in the ClickBank family.

If you search our product range, you will see a shortcut to "Apply". Just click here, type in your ClickBank ID and the website will create your HopLink (Affiliate Link). Use your HopLink whenever you want to place a hyperlink to the dealer page. Linking directly to the dealer page using only the normal website URL will not give you credits for people who click on that URL and then buy because they were not followed!

If you are part of an affiliate program, you can see how much you have made by signing into your affiliate program and viewing your stats. The ClickBank bundles the total commission from your entire ClickBank bank accounts into a single amount per day, which is displayed on the first page when you sign up. This was a fundamental intro to ClickBank.

However, there are many other affiliate networking out there that you might want to join. Certain affiliate programs are operated outside affiliate networking so you won't see them listing in directory. To find these affiliate programs is more verbal propaganda: you can browse other affiliate pages in your store and see what kind of product they are advertising, and then see if you can find a affiliate site for the affiliate programs on the retailer website.

It is also possible to contact the dealer site directly by e-mail and ask questions. A thing you may come across is the "invite only" affiliate programme. Certain websites limit access to their affiliate programs to individuals who have already bought their software or decide to authorize partners on a case-by-case base. Frequently, this is to avoid preventing affilates from getting substantial rebates on their affiliate related items by buying through their own affiliate link.

So if you get in touch with the retailer directly and argue your case, they might let you in, but usually there's not much you can do besides buying the item. These affiliate network coordinate between the affiliate and the trader. You will be in charge of tracing affiliate fees, handling payment and payment of affiliated companies. is an example of how to find affiliate and affiliate networking sites. is one of the biggest affiliate network for online merchandising.

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