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but we can put your face on the money. The MAKER PRINTER Magic Trick Dollar Bill Machine Print Change Fake. You put your face on money. It'?s money that makes the whole thing go round!

The counterfeit money generating machine can put your face on a buck, plus your face on a buck, plus a buck, plus a buck, etc. Place your face on personalised money with the face in hole banknotes. "What would a good old buck (or maybe a little bit of money) look like if I put my face on money?

All you have to do is choose a bank note from the available money cards, load up your image, just hold on a second and ta da! - That'?s money with your face on it. It' s like a personalised money machine - just modify a bank note presentation and keep going. Results can be used as printed counterfeit money for children or as fun money for plays such as Monopoly.

Clever mechanics allow you not only to bet your image on money, but also to match it to the initial look and feel of any bank note (that's how your print-ready counterfeit looks both real and fun).

Moneymaker - 99% invisible

There is a scenery in the rush hour 2 film with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in a packed Las Vegas gambling arcade. Following an exciting operation, a small explosive device goes off near one of the table and money flows everywhere. ISS Props had passed the money for this and other scenes on to the film-makers.

Counterfeit money totaled nearly a billion dollar in counterfeit invoices - and the firm was amazed when one night during the shooting two Secret Service men came to their offices. Secret Service was there because some of the fake money had disappeared from the kit and showed up on the Las Vegas patrol.

During the civil war, there was a great amount of fake money in circulation all over the state. Every reproduction of U.S. currencies was found illegitimate, even photos of money. A new law enforcing authority was established in 1865 to help combat the fraud problem: the Secret Service. For about a hundred years, the prohibition on the depiction of money in photography was a reality and a concern for those who worked in audiovisual mediums, which included films.

At the beginning of movies, when money was needed in a movie, the producer often used Mexico caps. At the end of the Mexico revolution (around 1920), a pile of local money that had been made during the revolutionary period depreciated in value and was bought for little money. Notices from the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, where Pancho Villa had control, were among the most frequently used in the movie.

During the second half of the twentieth millennium, the administration began to loosen the constraints of the regulations for taking photographs of currencies, and it is now legitimate to show genuine money in movies. The use of genuine money is ideal for those situations where you only need to show a small amount in a close-up. However, for those situations where you need a great deal of money, it can be too dangerous.

Counterfeit money is often favored for these types of scenarios. Throughout the years, props money in films has started to look more and more like real money. A number of businesses have (and still do) issue invoices that violate the laws, because props money used for the Secret Service can look too fake when viewed on sreen.

A few folks make invoices that are the same sized as genuine money, but with one or two small changes in appearance - it could be: "In Dog We Trust" instead of "In God We Trust", or Benjamin Franklin making a strange face, or a small discredit. None of this would be acceptable to the Secret Service.

While Gregg Bilson's Rush Hour 2 calculations contained many small distinctions that distinguished them from actual things, they were still too realistic for the Secret Service. I had Bilson hand over all the props money to destroy it. It also seized and deleted all computer data used in the production of counterfeit money.

But Bilson was losing a great deal of money - not only counterfeit money, but also the genuine money it needed to make the counterfeit money. Counterfeit film money not only flows from film kits - it is distributed on the web on websites like Amazon.com, where anyone can buy it. Considering how tough it is to make money that looks genuine but not too tangible, it is hardly imaginable who still wants to be in the business to create and deliver counterfeit money for the film.

RJ's storehouse is full of counterfeit equipment used by TV and movie production, among them cutting-edge machinery with plenty of button and button space and a whole room devoted to props money - pallets and portfolios with money and roll of money. The Rappaport says it took three years back and forth with the Secret Service to develop a props money piece of art the feds felt at home with.

Mr. Richaport says that counterfeit money is such a nuisance that there is no such thing as genuine money - "It's not a big money maker, it's not a laugh. Televisions and films are full of character who come across trunks full of money. It' a funny plotting machine - what will the character do with all the light money?

However, behind all this money is someone like RJ Rappaport, who has a careful designing and years of Secret Service back and forth. After all, there is simply no money easily available to movie makers.

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