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Fast, visual guidance on all Facebook advertising forms available to promote your business. Discover the best way to promote your message with Facebook Advertising. Make your own Facebook banner or cover with our free online banner maker. Demonstrate where it matters - increase your visibility on Facebook with Facebook banner advertising. Facebook has many different types of ads.

Facebook Audience Network - Banner Advertising

Add a layout to your layout file that serves as a container for your ad (e.g. /res/layout/activity_main.xml) that serves as a container for your ad... You' ; ll y fera référence plus tard dans le code. Add the following code to the beginning of your activity to import the Facebook Ads SDK : . Ensuite, then instantiate an AdView object and make a request to load an ad.

Since AdView is a subclass of View, you can add it to your view hierarchy like any other view : ; .... 1// Instantiating an AdView item. / Now while you test, and substitute it later when you are logged in. / Your passcode like this to Google your players will not get any ads (you will get a no fill error).

If you are developing an app for a tablet, you can use the AdSize.BANNER_HEIGHT_90 size instead. lntégralité des cas, la largeur de la bannière peut être ajustée de manière flexible. Enfin, ajoutez le code suivant à la fonction onDestroy() de votre activité pour libérer les ressources qu'AdView utilise : . After you have executed the above code, you should see something like this :

If you are using the default Google Android emulator, add the following line of code before loading a test ad : AdSettings.addTestDevice("HASHED ID") ;. When you first request an ad for a device, use the hashed ID listed in Logcat. If the basic code works, you can add an AdListener to your AdView that responds to certain events to . ; . ; ....

The Audience Network prend en charge trois tailles de publicité pour AdView. The width of the banner unit is flexible, but must be at least 320 pixels. This banner is best suited for mobile phones. This banner is best suited for tablets and larger devices. This format is best suited for scrollable feeds or level end screens.

Facebook Advertising Guide : Spécifications et recommandations sur le format publicitaire de Facebook

Get the specifications for the design and technical requirements for ads in the Facebook app and service family. What is the Facebook Advertising Guide ? The Facebook family supporte plusieurs types d'annonces sur Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network et Messenger. This guide explains the requirements for advertisements for each format and for all placements.

Guide les visiteurs avec des visuels de haute qualité pour cibler les sites Web ou les applications. Presentent jusqu'à dix images ou vidéos en une seule annonce - chacune avec son propre lien. Use moving images, sound and text to tell your story in an engaging way at any connection speed. Allow the viewer to open a full-screen experience optimized for mobile devices from your display.

You can use lead ads on Facebook and Instagram to collect information from people interested in your business. It is presented with a image, video or carousel, followed by a leading form as soon as the user interact with the ad. Les Offers sont des réductions que vous pouvez partager avec vos clients sur Facebook.

You can design your Offer Ad as a picture, video or carousel. Most Facebook page posts can be advertised to generate more "Like", more comments and more photo views, and to ensure that the post is shared more frequently. Ads you can advertistise your events and generate promises.

Both photos and videos are suitable for your event display. You can design your Page Like Ad with a video or image in 8:3 format d'image. You can help your small, medium or large business grow. Get the latest news for advertisers and more on our Facebook corporate page.

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