In contrast to many tour operators, Expedia TAAP's prices at which you as a travel agency sell are exactly the same as those that go directly to the public. TAAP from Expedia provides US travel agencies with improved access to global assets. In order to use the Expedia TAAP program under Prestige Travel Systems, please follow the instructions below. Travel Agencies Affiliate Program. Expedia's travel inventory is made available to affiliate employees on a bookable basis.

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TAAP Hotel Expedia Content Integrator

The Expedia travel agent affiliate program (TAAP) offers agencies the ability to become members of the world's biggest on-line reservation agency and receive commissions on hotel accommodation, tailor-made package deals, rental cars and activity. Expedia TAAP members get immediate acces to the world's biggest on-line trip databank with just one single log-in, giving agencies a truly vibrant and easy-to-use experience.

The Expedia TAAP program enables tour operators to make bookings in near realtime, providing a rich reservation experiences for tour operators and their clients.

Participate in the Expedia TAAP Travel Agent Affiliate Program.

Expedia BAP membership - why become a member? The Expedia CATAP service provides very low fares and large commissions on accommodation as well as additional commissions for package deals and activity. Provide your customers with the same prices they see on Expedia or better! In addition, you make commissions! Expedia TAAP's new fast-paced Hotelkommission program allows members of Expedia to optimize income from booking accommodation.

Expedia's CATAP system is quick and agile with an easy-to-use web-based portal and real-time reservation. Expedia Reapproach provides you with a secure relationship and you can rely on our committed call center to assist both your Reapproach partners and your Dublin desk staff. You' re customers. Your customers are your customers.

At Expedia TAAP we are committed to respecting your relation between your agents and your customers.

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