Expedia White Label Program

The Expedia White Label Program

( SDE-II ) to work on one of Expedia's fast growing private label businesses. However, TAAP is "not an integrated solution" and agents will not be able to include a white label version of Expedia on their websites. and Expedia said the program was expanded to include three hotel chains. Affiliate Program Agent | Expedia Private Label | Expedia MasterCard. Look for product manager vacancies in Chicago, IL for Expedia, Inc.

Cutting-edge travel and hotel technology

We have been at the top of the tourism business for more than 20 years, proving and studying what works and what doesn't when it comes to making trips available. This means continuously optimised technologies and competent customer support. As with other business-to-business tourism companies, we provide our affiliates with a variety of goods and solutions, but the EPS distinction is three main points.

Being part of the Expedia Group, one of the world's biggest tour operators, EPS combines you with an exceptional breadth of itineraries. Gain more than 500,000 real estate assets, over 550 airline routes, more than 150 auto rentals and over 25,000 activity destinations around the globe. All our trip equipment components are precisely manufactured to give you the best possible conversion.

Whether you opt for a fully customisable integrated Application Programming Interface (API), our pre-built reservation templates, or our agent development tool, you'll be using a solution that will work with you as you evolve.

Our seasoned relationship managers will help you pinpoint growth potential, and our Partners ervice experts will help you deploy the technologies that enable it. If your travel agency or traveller has a question, our dedicated client care and agency staff are here to help. Affordable prices, booking optimised product and individual attention.

Our product development is aimed at organisations across the entire tourism industry and beyond - from airline operators, corporations, corporate travellers and retailers to reward schemes, banks and on-line tour operators. In this way we can help you with the integration of your booking and how best to enter the business.

This is our technolog. Memorable journeys.

Affiliate site privat label, will I be blocked?

"In order to provide the best possible usability, AdWords does not simultaneously display more than one ad that leads to the same or similar target pages, even if the URLs have different domain names. AdWords displays the ad with the highest ad rank if more than one ad with similar or duplicate target pages can be displayed for a particular request.

In addition, your website should not reflect the website of your mother organization or any other advertisers (similar or nearly identical)". Advertisements whose exclusive intent is to direct or direct your visitors to the site to the parent site or any other website are not permitted. Bridging sites have little or no unambiguous contents and are of little value to the user.

You may not advertise sites that copy the contents of other sites using technologies known as mirrors and frames. Blocking the account: If you have multiple offences or one serious offence, an account can be blocked. In this case, all advertisements in the blocked accounts will no longer be executed and we will no longer be able to receive advertisements from you.

All associated account can also be blocked forever, and your new account can be blocked when you set it up. Find out more about deferred accounts." If you want to use AdWords in the near term, do not try to promote this link.

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